Three new coronavirus cases have been identified in Victoria in the past 24 hours – two locally acquired cases and one in hotel quarantine

Health Secretary Marin Foley said the two new locally acquired cases are both linked to the Holiday Inn hotel quarantine COVID-19 cluster, which has now risen to 16

You are a woman and a three-year-old from different households who went to a private restaurant in Coburg in the north of Melbourne

COVID response commander Jeroen Weimar said a quarantine worker at the Holiday Inn Hotel was on March 6 February was in the Coburg event before they were on 10 Tested positive for the first time in February

But after her positive test on 10 Her sample was held on February 7th Tested again in February and found to be weakly positive

The authorities then went back and investigated the movements of the quarantine workers It was found that on Jan. February had participated in the Coburg event, and at that time the venue was identified as the exposure site

Brett Sutton, Victoria Chief Health Officer, previously said the Coburg venue was “out of place because of the negative test the day after the event.”

“There are rare false positives and there are rarely false negatives We have to accept that they will occur, “said Professor Sutton

There were 38 people at the event and everyone else has tested negative so far

Mr Weimar said the child who tested positive attended the Goodstart Early Learning Center in Glenroy, north of Melbourne

The child also visited a swimming pool which was added to the list of exposure sites

“I am pleased to confirm that all primary close contacts identified have been addressed,” he said

Mr Weimar said another case that has been investigated and has not yet been confirmed was the mother of the three year old child

“She has received three separate test results in the last 24 hours with different conclusions,” he said

He said officials were working to determine what point in time she was in the virus cycle

“The serology will be done and we will find out exactly where this person is in the next few hours,” he said

“We are confident that we have a good ring around this special event, but it is a remarkable event,” said Foley

These included the elite swimming at Pascoe Vale, Woolworths at Broadmeadows, Ferguson Plarre Bakehouses at Broadmeadows, and the Oak Park Sports and Water Center at Pascoe Vale

Anyone who has visited these locations must be tested and isolated for 14 days. See the table at the end of this article for the exposure dates and times

The authorities said that two new coronavirus evidence had appeared in wastewater samples from the Coburg and South Melbourne catchment areas

Mr Weimar said the officers were “very interested” in understanding more about it and there are a number of cafes that are included in exposure sites

“I would really encourage people in Coburg, Reservoir, Southbank and South Melbourne to be extra vigilant and to come forward,” he said

Mr Foley said it was “too early to say” whether health officials were aware of this latest outbreak

“But the signs that show Victorians are doing the right thing and supporting one another, and our testing, trace and isolation system stays ahead of that and our pathology system is up to date. All of these are positive actions”, said the Minister of Health

“But it’s too early to tell if this fantastic effort by all Victorians got us there”

There were now 21 active cases in the state and 21475 test results were received on the previous day

Mr. Foley said testing capacity in Victoria’s labs tripled, in part due to five new high volume test machines

“In all of our laboratories we can use around 30Perform 000 tests and deliver more than 80 percent of the results within 24 hours, “he said

It allowed health officials to respond “safely and quickly,” to outbreaks like this one, Foley


Yesterday, a person who was friends with one of the Holiday Inn employees tested positive and 38 close contacts were asked to isolate themselves

Today is the second day of a five-day “breaker” lockdown to prevent the spread of the UK variant of the coronavirus that was spread in hotel quarantine

Under the fourth level restrictions, Victorians are only allowed out of their homes for shopping, grooming, exercise, and important work You must be within three miles of your home

An employee at the Brunetti cafe at the Melbourne Airport terminal worked contagiously Yesterday, Prime Minister Daniel Andrews said it was good news that 11 of the 12 employees who worked there tested negative

Australian Medical Association (AMA) President Omar Khorshid said the hotel quarantine system was still inadequate despite an overhaul

“It’s strange and interesting that Victoria has had the worst violations yet,” said Dr Khorshid

“That may be bad luck, but there may also be differences in the way the quarantine program is managed by the new COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria facility and the Department of Health”

From masks, gatherings, and drills to hospitals, school, and work, here’s what ends in Victoria’s five-day ban

The Ministry of Health announced that a number of people had been contacted incorrectly and that they were mainly close contacts with the Brunetti Cafe at Terminal 4 at Melbourne Airport

Some passengers in the first terminal received a text message for those who were visiting the fourth terminal

The department said the Commonwealth National Incident Room released the contact details of those arriving and departing through the fourth terminal However, the list also included a number of departures and arrivals from the first terminal

This list was updated on Jan. Updated February at 3:30 p.m. (AEST) Please visit the Department of Health website for the latest information

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