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Great Britain has more than 1 for the first time since April000 COVID-19 deaths recorded in a single day Approximately 1041 deaths within 28 days of testing positive for the virus were recorded in the 24 hours ending Wednesday’s 9 a.m., along with another 62322 new coronavirus cases The highest number of deaths in a single day during the pandemic was Jan. April with a total of 1224

Not yet – infection rates and number of patients in the hospital show no signs of stabilization yet The Deputy Director of Public Health England, Dr Susan Hopkins told the BBC that it could take up to 14 days for infections to subside after the new lockdown was in place. UK chief physician Chris Whitty warned Tuesday that the number of coronavirus deaths will “inevitably” increase later this month will as more and more people are hospitalized

The number of COVID patients in hospital has increased to 30 for the first time000, the Health Secretary said today with Matt Hancock said the NHS is “under considerable pressure” and warned strongly, “If we don’t act now, the NHS won’t be able to deal with it and no one wants scenes from elsewhere See the world where hospitals overflow and turn away patients “

Boris Johnson has warned that lockdown restrictions in England will be gradually eased. The Prime Minister said that there will not be a “big bang” in which all restrictions on freedoms will be removed at once, but that there will be “significant opportunities” before March Relaxation would give Read the full story (PA) here

GCSE, AS-Level and A-Level exams in England this summer will be replaced by school assessments, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson acknowledged that exams are the “fairest” assessments but said the impact has the pandemic mean it won’t be possible to hold it off this summer. Read the full story here (Independent)

Clap for Carers, which ran for 10 weeks during the initial lockdown, will return under a new name on Thursday at 8 p.m. The ritual’s creator Annemarie Plas tweeted that it would return as the Clap for Heroes She said: ” We’re bringing the applause back at 8pm in our third lock “Read the full story here (Guardian)

Mass vaccination centers in seven locations across England – including sports venues and London’s ExCel Convention Center – will open next week, Downing Street has confirmed hubs will be set up in London, Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Surrey and Stevenage, said Number 10 Read the full story here (Yahoo News UK)

Tens of thousands of Donald Trump supporters have gathered in Washington DC to protest Congressional preparations to confirm the results of the electoral college vote and Joe Biden’s victory. Speakers continued to voice their claims that the election was stolen from Trump Read the full story here (Independent)

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was refused bail District judge Vanessa Baraitser turned down an application for the 49-year-old’s release under strict conditions because he fears that he will be able to escape should not be extradited to the US Read the full story here (Evening Standard)

The chef and restaurateur Albert Roux has passed away at the age of 85. The French-born founder of the Michelin-starred Le Gavroche – part of the Roux culinary dynasty – died on May 4th January after a long illness, as confirmed by a statement from his family Read the full story here (PA)

Experts have warned that the Brexit trade deal agreed between the UK and the EU on Christmas Eve was “devilishly complicated” and “very unstable” Catherine Barnard, a professor at Cambridge University, said there were many ways the deal could be terminated by either side, including UK termination with one year notice. Read the full story here (Yahoo Finance UK)

Congress officially confirmed Joe Biden’s presidential victory on a day when the US was experiencing a nightmare of unprecedented political terror

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The shocking moment when a cyclist sought revenge on a Mercedes passenger was captured by incredible dash cam footage

Recordings of the 23-year-old’s last vivid moments have emerged before she was found dead in a hotel bathtub

A cleaner from a quarantine hotel in Brisbane tested positive for a more infectious Covid-19 strain from the UK

Some of Donald Trump’s most staunch defenders distance themselves from the President after a day that will be in shame

Sarah Vorhaus is dying to get her puppy back with the French Bulldog after she was attacked by three masked men

Customers were confused about the origin of the bizarre message purportedly sent by Woolworths

One damn video seems to be showing DC police clearing the way for the rioters to take over the Capitol

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Thousands flooded Twitter to shout the US president about his threats during the Black Lives Matter protests

During North Korea’s first full convention in five years, Kim Jong-un admitted that his country was facing the “worst” troubles of all time

Scott Morrison has announced that four million Australians could receive the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination by the end of March

NSW has recorded six new Covid cases among returning travelers and one case possibly linked to the Avalon cluster

US President Donald Trump posted an alarming tweet after chaos broke out in the US Capitol

Police response to thousands of demonstrators landing on the US Capitol has been reviewed

US President Donald Trump has told protesters who stormed the US Capitol that they are “special” while continuing to make unsubstantiated claims of election fraud

It comes after fears that thousands were infected after a mysterious case went to the MCG


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