Posted: 23:45 GMT, 2 January 2021 | Updated: 23:58 GMT, Jan. January 2021

Toni Pearen is about to step out of her comfort zone when she heads into the jungle as a candidate on Channel 10s I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here!

But the 48-year-old has admitted that she almost turned down the offer for several reasons

In a new interview with the BINGE Guide, the former host of Funniest Home Videos said, “I was very concerned about who would be at camp ‘

Given her fears: Toni Pearen (pictured) said her decision to join me was a celebrity Get me out of here! was a hell of a challenge and “the most terrifying job I’ve ever done”

Toni said she was nervous about taking part in the emotionally and physically demanding experience, partly due to the tasks, the creepy crawling animals, and the time she spent outside of her family while filming

‘I started Googling, I’m a celebrity in Australia and I’d go down the rabbit hole, I had a copy of Miguel (Maestre) Rhonda Birchmore’s season and I watched maybe an hour and then didn’t sleep that night on it is really the most terrifying job I’ve ever done, “she said

The former E-Street actress, who took a brief hiatus to focus on raising her two children, was nervous that her partner – husband Will Osmand – followed in her footsteps during the filming

Toni considered accepting the role as it would be the first time in years that she would be separated from her son Lucky (11) and daughter Ever (8)

Blast from the past! Toni Pearsen made a name for herself as a television presenter in the 90s. Here she is on the set of Australia’s funniest home videos

‘I was very concerned about who would be in the camp’: Toni said she was nervous about taking part in the emotionally and physically demanding experience, partly due to the tasks, the creepy crawly animals and the time she was away Family while filming

However, Toni said it was a conversation with her old friend Rhonda Burchmore (a 2020 I’m A Celebrity Star) that helped change her mind and say “yes” to the show

‘[Rhonda] said, “It’s a hell of a lot better than being quarantined in Victoria for the past six months”is just the antidote I need to end the year,” added Toni

Toni said her fears soon disappeared, claiming that her time in the jungle was a “gift”

Mom is the word! The Australian actress and presenter shares two children, Lucky, 11, and daughter Ever, 8, with husband Will Osmand

When Toni first told her husband Will that she was coming to her show, Toni had to explain that she was replacing Julia Morris as the presenter

‘I had to make it clear, “Yes, she [Julia] is the host and you want me to be a candidate”‘

This is love: Toni said her partner supported her decision to join I’m A Celebrity, very get me out of here! this year

Despite her initial reservations, the presenter seems more than excited to see herself back on the small screen Sunday, the mom of two went to her Instagram to announce her involvement in the popular Channel Ten show

‘Good morning friends! I kept a secret from you “She started taking a headshot of herself with a wide-brimmed hat

‘Tonight you can see how I face my greatest fears in the Australian jungle with an amazing Australian talent’

Toni also explained how impressed she was with her experience on the show

On the way to the jungle! Sunday is the official I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! Instagram account confirms that Toni (left) and comedian Mel Buttle (right) are taking part in the show

‘This was the biggest and scariest gig of my life !!! I’m so glad I did It changed your life What changed your life for you? Check it out tonight on Channel 10 at 7:30 p.m. ‘

Toni joins a long list of celebrities who went to the jungle, which was first filmed in Byron Bay

On Sunday, the official I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Instagram account also confirms that Australian comedian Mel Buttle is joining the show

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