Two American cities are in turmoil and large numbers of pro-Trump protesters invade the Capitol in Washington today and also gather at the Atlanta Capitol in Georgia

With the Democrats narrowly winning both of the remaining seats in the US Senate in Georgia overnight, Joe Biden’s party will now have the balance of power in both the House and Senate

That outcome was finalized when armed rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol in Washington after President Donald Trump called on Trump to come to the city to protest the election results and the formalization of the electoral college vote

A woman was shot dead (she has since died) using pepper spray and tear gas and lightning grenades on both sides. The FBI said two suspected explosive devices had been brought to safety

President Trump belatedly made a video address (since removed from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube) reiterating unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud and urging protesters to go home while saying, “We love you”

His Twitter account has been banned for 12 hours for posting false allegations In the event of future violations, there is a risk of permanent blocking

Trump’s attorney Rudy Giuliani previously described the protesters as “on the right side of history”

Vice President Mike Pence, who had to be evacuated from the Chamber, said those responsible for the violence “will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law”

Law enforcement agencies, including the National Guard, are now imposing a curfew in Washington The last time the Capitol was broken into was in 1814 when British soldiers stormed the building

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You don’t “win” by cheating. I suggest you try to find out why you understand the world with deceptive arguments

The American people have good reason to believe that there was an apparent fraud in this election There are 212 million registered voters, of whom 66% reportedly voted, that’s about 140 million if Trump got 75 million votes, leaving 65 million for Biden Did Biden get all the extra votes to make 80 million?

This information is true, but the actual facts behind the scenes are still being verified. There is no doubt that fraud has occurred and has been going on in the land of the free and brave for some time. Why it must be is an even more interesting one Question Which forces play a role here? For those who follow the paper trail, much is revealed regarding the family behind the Biden name. Time will reveal everything (possibly the end of evil, hidden agendas, and false news)

To make the report clear, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube now run America, not the US President?

Oh my god the ignorance in this article is insane !!! Anyone who can’t see that Biden is a snake and behind all the scam and attempt to steal the election is BLIND and IGNORANT The Democrats have slandered and done their best to root out Trump since it came out in 2016 (and the Election 2020) FAIR AND SQUARE And they couldn’t attach anything to him !!!!! AND STILL keep trying Donald Trump has done more good for the American people than any previous president he is PRO-LIFE, PRO-JOBS, PRO-FREEDOM, PRO-RELIGION it stands for things that are right and just and that most people are too cowardly to stand up and fight for them My God, the state of the world is an absolute shame God would be most disappointed with how easily humanity greed, power and evil corrupts their spirits

Mainstream media are again reporting rubbish against Trump I saw live footage of relatives and it was a peaceful gathering of not thousands but closer to a million people No helicopter in the sky to re-film the truth It does sorry to read the Echo Net every day It is also part of mainstream corrupt media like Google and Facebook that censor everything and hold up the truth. The mass media did not cover the recent corruption from Ukraine, a bomb on Joe Biden and leaked phone calls.As Shakshi says above, you will not win through Amounted to!

Where was the Trumpsta when the siege began? I would have thought he would be there in person and lead another “Lafayette Square Clearing Out” -style operation. Oh wait, he just goes tough on peaceful, law-abiding anti-Trump protesters (batons, horses, tear gas, all kinds of “law enforcement personnel”) Where was the “I am your law and order president” ???????

US Capitol under siege, US Capitol closed

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