Today is Valentine’s Day Yes, it’s the 14th February, a day to celebrate love Valentine’s Day has its origins in the Roman festival of Lupercalia, which takes place in mid-February.It is a day when lovers express their affection with greetings, chocolates, flowers and gifts.Some people take their loved ones for having a romantic dinner with while others choose the special day they want to suggest Shops and malls full of giant red hearts and restaurants have special items on their menu for Valentine’s Day, in some countries it is a day to cherish friends people in Finland celebrate Valentine’s Day as “Friend’s Day” and in Guatemala as “Day of Love and Friendship” However you want to celebrate, sweet wishes are a must Here are a dozen Valentine’s Day wishes and greeting cards for ‘him’ and ‘her’ – take a look

“Although we have to say goodbye for the summer, darling, I promise you that I will send you all of my love every day in a letter sealed with a kiss “

“You were always on my mind, maybe I didn’t treat you as well as I should Maybe I didn’t love you as often as I could Maybe I didn’t hold you All these lonely, lonely times And I think I never told you that I was so happy that you were mine “

When you are far away I’ll be waiting for you When you’re down, I’ll pick you up If you are sick, I will sit with you And if you’re cold, I promise I’ll share my blanket with you Happy Valentine’s Day!

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