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The actual length is 46 days – 40 of which are fasting days and six are Sundays

Sundays during Lent are not counted in the forty days, as every Sunday represents a “mini Easter”

Lent is viewed as a time of solemn observance and preparation for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter

From its beginning on Ash Wednesday to its official conclusion on Maundy Thursday, Lent was a traditional time of fasting, giving up or abstinence

Lent is an old English word and means “to extend” Lent is observed in spring when the days get longer

The forty days represent the time Jesus spent in the wilderness enduring the temptation of Satan and preparing to begin his ministry

It can also be seen to reflect the 40 hours Jesus spent in the tomb before his resurrection

Lent allows Christians to remember Jesus’ fasting in the desert. It is a time of giving up and a test of self-discipline

There are many foods that some Lent Christians do not eat, such as meat and fish, fats, eggs, and milky foods. Some Christians just give up on something they really enjoy, like cake or chocolate

Many Christians will use Lent to commit to fasting and to avoid certain foods, habits, or vices

Fasting and celibacy should reflect the experience of Jesus Christ and his experience of fasting in the desert

Traditionally, Christians fasted during the 40 days of Lent, which meant they only had one full meal per day and two small snacks

Nowadays, however, Christians forego something special – like a food or luxury like chocolate or caffeine or a certain habit like drinking or smoking

In today’s technological age, others are abandoning social media or even using their phones

Shrove Tuesday, also known as pancake day, is the traditional festival day before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday

Shrove Tuesday always falls 47 days before Easter Sunday, so the date varies from year to year and is between the 3 February and 9 March

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