The World Health Organization has fully endorsed AstraZeneca’s coronavirus vaccine as Thailand, along with a number of smaller European countries, has stopped using the shot because of sporadic reports of blood clots in recipients

“Until all doubts are dispelled we stop the vaccinations with this vaccine, “said the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov

His health minister Kostadin Angelov said a 57-year-old woman died of heart failure 15 hours after receiving an AstraZeneca shot, but urged those already vaccinated to keep calm

That line has been reiterated by the WHO, who are very aware that the AstraZeneca shot is by far the cheapest, highest volume shot to date and will be the mainstay of vaccination programs in much of the developing world

“It is very important to understand that we should keep using the AstraZeneca vaccine,” she said in a briefing

“We only look at what we always see: every safety signal must be examined”

The EU regulator, the European Medicines Agency (EMA), announced on Wednesday that the 3 million people who received the vaccine had 22 reports of embolism due to blood clots – no more than the general population – but Bulgaria said they wanted to see these instructions in writing

Experts point out the difficulty of putting risks to a wider public that can be frightened by negative headlines

In Sicily, where two people died shortly after vaccination, the regional health administrator announced that 7000 vaccination appointments had been canceled

Silvestro Scotti, a family doctor in Naples and head of the Italian Association of General Practitioners, said he had been bombarded all day with inquiries from people nervous about getting the AstraZeneca shot

“The crazy thing is that even if the correlation between the vaccine and the blood clots were shown, it would be a rate of 0.007 in a thousand,” he said

“To take an example, the popular birth control pill that worries no one has a proven risk rate of 6 in a thousand. Even in the worst case scenario, the benefit-risk ratio for this vaccine is extraordinarily good That needs to be explained to people”

Harris of the WHO said 268 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines by various developers have been given worldwide with no evidence to cause a single death

In France, where there has long been suspicion about vaccinations, only 43 percent said they saw the AstraZeneca shot in a Harris Interactive poll on Jan. until 12 March, while 55 percent said they trust COVID-19 vaccines in general

Germany also faced considerable skepticism, insofar as Health Minister Jens Spahn suggested giving the AstraZeneca shot to the police and the army after some health and other front-line workers failed to receive it

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