Women between the ages of 40 and 60 have been found to be most susceptible to symptoms [] of long Covid

For the past twelve months, doctors and scientists have been studying the symptoms associated with Covid-19 to help people identify and isolate the virus if they think they have it, while people because of their age, theirs Health status and their proximity to vulnerable people were divided into high and low risk groups, it is only now becoming fully clear what long-term effects Covid-19 has. Studies have shown that women suffer from long-term Covid much more often. Long Covid was defined as “several weeks or months after the onset of symptoms suggestive of Covid-19, whether or not tested, “not recovered Research has shown that this could have something to do with the way bodies fight the virus

Early research into people’s experiences with Covid-19 found that between a fifth and a tenth had symptoms for up to a month before recovering, however, some people who contacted Covid-19 in 2020 always feel 55 long-term effects of Covid-19 have been identified and just like the virus, people experience long-term Covid differently. However, the most common symptoms are shortness of breath, headache, cough, fatigue, cognitive impairment or “brain fog”, muscle pain and anxiety Even months after the positive test for Covid-19 struggled with organ damage

A study conducted by the University of Leicester looked at the physical, cognitive, and psychological effects of Covid-19 after being hospitalized.The researchers found that seven out of ten patients hospitalized with Covid-19 reported months Being affected by long-term Covid and that symptoms most affected women 40-60 years old after hospitalization, over a quarter of people in the study said they had anxiety and depression, and 12% had symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder / p>

Of the research, Rachael Evans, a clinical scientist at the University of Leicester, said, “The symptoms are very real, but they are not directly related to heart and lung damage or any specific heart and lung damage”T explain all symptoms”

This is not the first study to detail the experiences of people with long Covid, highlighting that women are more likely to suffer longer.A study conducted by the University of Glasgow concluded that women under 50 were seven months after seeking medical help for Covid-19 are seven times more likely to be breathless and twice as likely to report tiredness as men

“Our research shows that survivors of Covid-19 had long-term symptoms, including a new disability, increased breathlessness and a decreased quality of life,” said Dr Janet Scott, lead author of the study at the University of Glasgow’s MRC Center for Virus Research, told the BBC: “These results were present even in young, previously healthy adults under the age of 50, and most commonly in younger women”

In the past, young people were only classified as in need of protection if they already suffered from health conditions.The doctors discovered early in the pandemic that Covid-19 affects people differently depending on their gender Virus brought to intensive care Studies have also shown that men are twice as likely to die from Covid-19

However, researchers have pointed to your body’s immune response as the reason why Covid disproportionately affected women for a long time “Autoimmunity, in which the body has an immune response to its own healthy cells and organs, is more common in middle-aged women”, Professor Louise Wain of the University of Leicester told the Financial Times appears to be more common in this group, but more research is needed to fully understand the processes ”

For many people, the pandemic has been a time of uncertainty The announcement of vaccine rollout worldwide in late 2020 has been heralded as a beacon of hope but more research needs to be done to examine the effects of long symptoms of Covid and why women apparently disproportionately affected by it

I have a particular interest in changing cultural attitudes toward periods, endometriosis, birth control, and menopause, and in the research that is being done to improve it

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