One man who won’t be in the ring for Tim Tszyu’s fight with Dennis Hogan on Wednesday night is his legendary father Kostya

And that’s why Tim is reluctant when opponents claim he only made it as far as he did because of his famous surname

Kostya Tszyu, one of Australia’s best boxers, left his wife and children in 2012 to return to his native Russia

“If my husband wants to stay in Russia, let him stay there,” said ex-wife Natasha in 2012

“It’s an important life for him. He’s an important man there and he’s where he belongs. Men should be men

“If he has met someone, there is nothing I can do about it“If she could take care of him in Russia, why not?”

Kostya initially used the model to work on his PR team, but said in 2017: “You can’t work and love at the same time, so I fired her

“I was so busy in my career as an athlete when the first were born, I can’t remember,” said Kostya

“I’m still busy But I want to be home at 6, 7 a.m. I want to be with the kids’ ’

Even if Kostya were to make a surprise appearance at one of Tim’s fights, the younger boxer wouldn’t want him anywhere near the ring

“My dad is a tough man, especially when he watches my fights,” Tim told Newscomau

“My first professional fight. It was chaotic. It was difficult to deal with. It was just out of control.

“Because he’s a control freak, he has a hard time seeing someone he loves fight in the ring, especially for him”

However, Kostya believes that he and Tim are still close despite having started a new life in Russia

“I, who is going to Russia, have never broken a bond or relationship with Tim,” Kostya said last year

“We talk on the phone and communicate on WhatsApp, I love him, I’m such a proud father and I will always be proud of Tim”

“Kostya was never in the children’s lives, Kostya disappeared from the children’s lives when he left them at a young age,” she told the Daily Mail

“The kids built their lives without their father I know some people don’t want to hear this, but that’s the truth”

It doesn’t matter to Tim whether his father sees him fighting or not

“My father supports me no matter what, where he is from,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald

“I don’t mind the fact that he’s not here. He was only in one of my fights anyway”

Tszyu’s unbeaten record and the global WBO super welterweight title are on Wednesday night at the Newcastle Entertainment Center

But the stakes are much higher Tszyu has to win to hopefully get a long-awaited world title against Brian Castano from Argentina

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Tim Tszyu

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