MANILA, PHILIPPINES – 9 FEBRUARY: A neon sign with an ox is on the 9th Seen at a mall in Manila, Philippines on February 28, 2021 The Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia is celebrating a somewhat subdued New Year as Covid-19 restrictions limit the traditional time for people to meet their relatives and participate in celebrations with extended families (Photo by Ezra Acayan / Getty Images)

But in terms of Eastern astrology, you’ve also survived the Year of the Metal Rat, facing the Lunar New Year (known as Tet in Vietnam) on February 12, when the New Year of the Metal Hole begins

Here’s the good news: “It’s going to be better than last year, but it’s definitely not going to be perfect,” says Viviana Estrada, life coach, energy healer, and Chinese metaphysics practitioner in Plantation, Florida

For refreshment: In Chinese astrology, the years run through 12 animals (rat, ox, tiger, etc.)) and five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) rat is the first animal of the new cycle and ox is the second. Each animal and each element has its own characteristics and in combination determines the tenor of the year either a yin or a yang energy (gross, traditionally feminine or masculine) – Metal Ox is a yin year the entire cycle lasts 60 years Each new year begins with the second new moon after the winter solstice (technically speaking, the chi des Year out to the winter solstice, but let’s not go too far into the weeds)

Nan Hall Linke, the unique Houston-based therapist / landscaper / astrologer, looks back on the last time the 1961 year of Metallochsen looked for parallels. Think of John F. Kennedy’s inauguration and the way he drew the “brightest and bravest” into government service. He was the youngest president ever elected and the first Catholic; President Biden is the oldest and only the second Catholic

The year 1961 marked Yuri Gagarin and the first manned space flight, the founding of the Peace Corps and the birth of Barack Obama, noted Linke

The rat year – the first in the zodiac – has a strong taste of self-service and calamity, says Linke. However, the ox is big, determined and hard-working, methodical and patient

“It’s not a year of revolution,” says Brooke Moen, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Burlington, Vt. “It’s a year that shows what is important, what to eat and what people are important to me”

Moen says she keeps returning to the idea of ​​”conventionality of hope” In Taoism, the real meaning of hope is to help one another and move forward “

Jillian Stott agrees Because the ox has a strong earth energy, the metal hole is “the metal in the mountain. Knowledge is really deep and we have to do the work, take responsibility for ourselves and let go of emotions that are not helpful”

The Ox can plan well but not handle change well, says Stott, who directs the Academy of Energy Healing and Wisdom in Kenilworth, England, and creates personal astrology maps and Feng Shui

Moen uses the image of a field being plowed. A cocky animal like a horse might reach the end of a row and decide to run. But oxen just turn

“As Americans, we’re obsessed with change and revolution, but this year we’re on solid ground,” says Moen. “It’s not all at all times,”

What should you expect if you have a baby in the year of the metal hole? “A hardworking, conscientious and loyal child who plans well,” says Stott. “But warn them a lot about changes”

All experts are quick to point out that Chinese astrology differs from Western astrology in that much emphasis is placed on adapting to the energy of the year rather than just experiencing it. “There is always a way to control or to maneuver “, says Estrada” There is a free will “

A simple piece of advice from Stott is: Take a break from cleaning or sweeping on February 12 Too much cleanliness is bad luck for once

Estrada, who is also a Feng Shui expert, believes that Feng Shui – a traditional Chinese study of designing space in order to maximize its harmony with the natural world – is a great way to use the energy present moderate and adapt to it

Even a non-professional can take some steps to change the feel of our home or office (if you still have one). If your birth certificate is diagnostic, Feng Shui is a recipe

First, says Estrada, you will find the compass function on your smartphone. Stand in the middle of your house or other room and determine your four main directions: north, south, east and west. From there you can use online, print or personal experts help you to organize your space optimally

Left, who has studied western astrology for 50 years and Chinese for 10 years, likes to find the links between the two. Right now the western map has a strong Taurus feel, with Taurus the Taurus being pretty similar to the ox “It’s a good year for Women and for women who rise to new occasions, “she says

At some point, of course, this year of conscientious regrouping will also pass. Next up is the energetic, exciting year of the water tiger with strong Yang energy in 2022


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