The feature is available today on Google Maps for Android in over 400 cities in the US Look for iOS soon

Google Adds Parking Meter Payment Option to Map Service Introducing the Android version of Google Maps for more than 400 cities, including Los Angeles, New York and Washington D.C.

“Thanks to the integration with the parking solution providers Passport and ParkMobile, you can now easily pay for your meter directly using the driving navigation in Maps”, say Vishal Dutta, Product Manager for Google Maps, and Fausto Araujo, Product Manager for Google Pay wrote in a blog post

The payment option will appear in Google Maps as soon as you get close to your destination For applicable areas, the “Pay for Parking” button should appear in the app

“Then enter your meter number and the time you want to park for and tap” PayWould you like to add more time to your meter? You can easily extend your parking session with just a few taps, ”write Dutta and Araujo

Google is marketing the contactless payment feature to avoid germs during the COVID-19 pandemic to send money using Google Pay, which allows you to enter your credit card information

Of course, not everyone owns a car.For people who drive buses or subways, Google says it is also expanding the ability to pay transit fees for over 80 agencies around the world.The feature is displayed when you look in Google Maps find directions for public transport

“You can understand how to prepay and even prepare your fare before you get to the train station This is helpful if you are not sure which payment options a transit agency supports, “says Google The payment option for the transit fee also taps on Google Pay

As an example, Google said that transit visitors in San Francisco can use the feature to purchase a digital clipper card with their smartphone, which they can then use to board the light rail system

The payment functions for the iOS version of Google Maps will be available soon, but no specific start date has been announced

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