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Happy New Year and welcome to the World Juniors quarterfinals where we start the games that will take us to gold are just hours away!

Russia being here isn’t a big deal Getting drugged by the Czechs early on was pretty painful, but otherwise the Russians turned out to be just as we imagined – fun, fast, a bit sloppy, but otherwise a lot funny team that shows its courage, no matter who its opponent is

They had nearly 9 players tested positive for COVID just before the tournament started and had a pre-installed schedule with burners that resulted in one of the most overt hell of a blow in a 16-2 demolition across Canada any team would have been easy for the rest of the tournament get out and fumble around and be able to return to a better, perhaps more humble team in 2021. Germany, on the other hand, showed itself ready to prove something.They took Slovakia to the cleaners and then had a game against the Swiss that was better than the result They reached their first quarterfinals, all with an exhausted squad, and started the tournament without their main goalkeeper

That means, however, that if they want to even consider, they have to play like it’s already the gold medal round, as that’s the kind of effort a severely understaffed squad like Germany has to play and a well-oiled machine hit in Russia

Look, you don’t have to know much about how this tournament went to know that these two teams are going to bring the heat. These Scandinavian rivals are always going to get the best and the worst of each other and have rosters that seem to be Designed for that Both teams have had a rude awakening from the US and Canada to where they are supposed to be, and now it is up to both sides to make it clear who is currently in charge of developing prospects for the European Kingdom be it Leijonat or Tre Kronor

All you need to know is that if you don’t see any other quarterfinal games, please do this

I mean, what else are you doing with the first Saturday of the new year? Shovels?

Canada is an absolute menace that destroyed all of their enemies in a matter of seconds Canada has no history other than how hard they won that is absolutely a credit to the talent they sent in their (very, very good) sweater this year to have Perhaps more than any other team, they are designed to win hockey games as one-sidedly as possible

The Czechs, on the other hand, had a very interesting roller coaster ride of a tournament: They were blown out by Swedes, got a surprise win against Russia, then blown out again by the US and then blown out Austria (like you do) We saw parts of this team suddenly growing together in a very interesting way and honestly I think it’s really interesting and fun to see that!

Unfortunately it has to end as brutally as possible now Jako Lev, guys Even if you lose

Their late game consisted of two teams who have a bit of history with each other. The US started the tournament with a loss to Russia that woke them up so much that they spent the next three games on their schedule, their opponents in shots and Burying gates, unleashing Trevor Zegras to his full, terrifying potential, leaving only bodies in their hands to wake up. They’re a dare right now, and that’s what their opponent should expect when he walks towards them

Especially when you consider that even if the Slovaks have nothing else, they have a perfectly solid defense and Sam Hlavaj (Hlah-Vai if you’re curious about the pronunciation) is playing like a shot is on the bronze medal the greatest thing on hand for him that is, the Slovak offensive has been lazy even in games where it should have handily won, and while the defense may win championships, you have to score at some point to get there

This will likely be a very short game if you are worried about losing sleep

Junior World Hockey 2021

World News – CA – 2021 WJC QUARTERFINALS PREVIEW: Everything you need to know!

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