The Winnipeg Jets went 1-1 in their two-game series against the Edmonton Oilers in the first half of their four games Game Road Trip West Here are three takeaways from 120 minutes of high-octane-high-event hockey

eval (ez_write_tag ([[300,250], ‘thehockeywriters_com-medrectangle-3’, ‘ezslot_5’, 824, ‘0’, ‘0’])); Neal Pionk looked extremely confident this season and was the Jets’ best defender on a nightly basis.He has excellent chemistry with defensive partner and Minnesotan colleague Derek Forbort, who also excelled in the first quarter of the season

If Pionk still flew a bit under the radar despite his strong start, he won’t be at Rogers Place after two notable games, where he was simply a force of nature eval (ez_write_tag ([[336,280], ‘thehockeywriters_com-medrectangle- 4 ‘,’ ezslot_2 ‘, 803,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]);

He scored a goal on offense and added two assists With 13 points he is now in fifth place among all NHL defenders

At his goal on Wednesday night, he took a four-on-four tour of the entire offensive zone, holding the puck in the zone before finally getting the cookie back and a blocker page past Mike Smith, shotval (ez_write_tag ([ [728,90], ‘thehockeywriters_com-box-4’, ‘ezslot_4’, 827, ‘0’, ‘0’])); You can’t stop that! 🤯 @ NPionk95 ImageTwittercom / UzItjuvowg – Winnipeg Jets (@NHLJets) 18 February 2021 The rating of this absolute firing cannon was just one of many excellent things Neal Pionk did in the two-game series

On the defensive side, Pionk – though not a giant 6-foot, 185-pound specimen – put the body on with regularity and authority, registering five hits, including an old-school hip check on Tyler Ennis The Dogged D. -Mann was hired to contain Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl He did his best to piss off one of the most dynamic duos in the NHL without shying away from an odd fight in the trenches and being physical

Containing McDavid and Draisaitl is difficult not only because of their great speed and eerie chemistry, but also because their shifts regularly last more than two minutes. Pionk skated at 12:47 p.m. on Monday and 8:43 p.m. on Wednesday

Sportsnet’s Ken Wiebe praised Pionk in a recent article, writing, “Pionk’s ability to take on the shutdown role alongside taking on free agents, Derek Forbort was a massive development His skills, level of competition, and ability to get into leverage enable him not only to survive, but often to thrive against the opponent’s top players ”

“He is unbelievable”, Mark Scheifele was quoted in the same article “You see, he puts his heart on his sleeve every night and he fights for us and does everything from PP to PK to five against five, whatever always it is, he fights the hardest and gives it all. That’s all you can ask of this guy and he does a fantastic job ”

Speaking of Scheifele: He was used in a new way for the benefit of the man and occupied the “office” of the late sniper Patrik Laine in the upper left circle that opened up unique opportunities for him, either by Josh Morrissey or Pionk Point passes or Blake Wheeler or Kyle Connor Cross-Ice Feeds

The strategy worked to varying degrees, with Scheifele scoring two power play goals, one in each game, but the game also failed to connect a few times as opponents realized the Jets were trying to do what with Scheifele they had done in four seasons with Laine Sharp Shooting Scheifele! 🎯 ImageTwittercom / EoDhtFC0gV – Winnipeg Jets (@NHLJets) Jan. February 2021 Scheifele scored two power play goals from the former Laine office

Time will tell if this is an effective long-term power play spot for Scheifele or if it’s a misguided attempt to turn the center into a new spot. For this author, the move means the Jets are at the status quo- Want to record the system that has defined it in the past seasons and has become predictable

Head coach Paul Maurice continued the trend of sticking to the status quo of the same old systems and decided to play on Wednesday exactly the same as on Monday

Yes, the Jets won a 6-5 track meet Monday night.But no one could watch this game – where the Jets were out of shot between 45 and 24 and had an expected percentage target of only 3218 had one Team CORSI’s 3729 percent gave up 14 high risk opportunities while generating just six and took a 4-1 lead – saying, “Yeah, that was okay”

Although Maurice was blind to the team’s problems because they somehow got a win. Although he admitted on Monday after the game that “it wasn’t a particularly well played game,” he inexplicably iced over the exact same lines:

Two fixes were obvious: replacing the struggling Beaulieu with Logan Stanley – the rookie far more capable than many thought he wouldn’t play his first dozen NHL games – and bringing Dylan DeMelo and Morrissey back together – the quick chemistry found last February when DeMelo was taken over by the Ottawa Senators

Luck didn’t smile at the Jets twice, they gave up two goals in their first two shots before the game was five minutes old and finally lost 3-2

eval (ez_write_tag ([[250,250], ‘thehockeywriters_com-large-mobile-banner-2’, ‘ezslot_7’, 829, ‘0’, ‘0’]); eval (ez_write_tag ([[250,250]), “thehockeywriters_com-large-mobile-banner-2”, “ezslot_8”, 829, “0”, “1”])); this month against the Calgary Flames this time he had a trip penalty in the late second that resulted in Draisaitl scoring the goal, but the home side 3-1

When Maurice temporarily turned things upside down in the game, it was just to reunite Connor / Scheifele / Wheeler, a line that at five versus five proved too weak to keep up with even a goal In the last minute with an empty net, this trio with Nikolaj Ehlers was out there, but didn’t generate much. Wheeler was thrown from the puck slightly behind the net, lost possession and consolidated the victory of the Oilerseval (ez_write_tag ([[580,400], ‘thehockeywriters_com -large-mobile-banner-1 ‘,’ ezslot_3 ‘, 830,’ 0 ‘,’ 0 ‘]);

Given that the Jets are not that good despite the best striker depth in the league, one has to wonder if Maurice got this team as far as possible and his presence is becoming a detriment to success / p>

The Jets will face the Vancouver Canucks on Friday and Sunday nights to complete their road trip. Will the same storylines play out this weekend, or will the two Canucks contests spawn new takeaways? We have to stay tuned

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