All Rise Simone Missick’s actress has sparked speculation about pregnancy after the season 2 premiere of the legal drama series

All Rise premiered in September 2019 and quickly won a loyal fan base with a host of fan favorite characters

Judge Lola Carmichael, played by Simon Messiick, was one of the main cast members but in last night’s episode, she was the focus for a completely different reason

The ending of the episode brought a surprising twist to Lola’s pregnancy, but fans suspect Simone might be pregnant in real life

Simon, a Howard graduate, appeared in the second season of science fiction show Altered Carbon on Netflix

As for her personal life, Simon has been married to Dorian Messick since 2012, who is an actor from Six Degrees and Luke Cage series

The episode revealed that her character “Lola” is pregnant, which instantly turns all eyes on Simon herself as fans suspect her baby bump might be real

Lola’s pregnancy was revealed after she met her husband Robin Taylor (Todd Williams) and told him the surprising news.

Co-star Wilson Bethel, who plays Deputy Attorney General Mark Callan, revealed that it was a surprise to him too, telling Entertainment Tonight:

“It was a surprise for me. Once we got the first script, of course, I got to the last page and the first thing I did was text Simone. I think that’s a great development for the character and the show. I think it would introduce a bunch of new and really fun situations if not to be a mom.”

It’s safe to say fans of the drama have been inundated with Simone’s Instagram page with their speculation

One fan speculated on Instagram, “I’m watching and I can’t help but peek some hidden secret.” Another added, “I said the same thing to her face and this little bump is so happy for her.”

A third said, “Yes! Lots of seating scenes and clothing trying to camouflage. Keyword: try.”

Another guy wrote on Twitter: “So happy Simon’s pregnancy added to the story a chubby face, thick ankles, and a thicker waist, efforts to conceal the baby bump were instant gifts. Congratulations, dear!”

So happy that they added Simon’s pregnancy to the story a chubby face, thick ankles, and a thicker waist, efforts to conceal the baby bump were instant gifts. Congratulations sir! #AllRise 👶🏽

As if I’m really convincing Lola or SimoneMissick that she is pregnant they really hide her belly # AllRise

I knew that! What a way to announce pregnancy! I’ve been searching Google for “Is Simon Messick pregnant?” For the duration of this episode AllRiseCBS lol

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