That’ 70s Show and a Look at a Kill Star Tanya Roberts died aged 65 after being hospitalized for a breakdown while walking her dogs

Actress Tanya Roberts, known for portraying Midge in That ’70s Show and opposite Roger Moore in A View to a Kill, passed away on Jan. January 3 at the age of 65

Roberts’ cause of death was linked to her recent hospitalization after she collapsed while walking her dogs on Christmas Eve, TVLine reported that she was given ventilators but never recovered, but her death is not currently believed related to COVID-19

Roberts portrayed Midge, Donna Pinciotti’s mother in That ’70s Show, for 81 episodes from 1994 to 2004. Known for portraying the’ attractive mother ‘next door, her character often broke through tense dramatic moments with exultation and ease while annoying her sardonic ones Daughter Donna (Laura Helene Prepon) Her character left the series to watch Broadway in 2001, while the real-life Roberts left to take care of her sick husband

Prior to her role on Fox’s sitcom, Roberts starred in Charlie’s Angels in the 1980s as Julie Rogers. Her other television work includes, but is not limited to, roles in The Love Boat, Silk Stalkings, Fantasy Island, the animated series The Blues Brothers and Barbershop

Roberts’ film roles have also morphed into spy territory.She starred as Stacey Sutton in A View to a Kill in 1985 and played the granddaughter of an oil tycoon who defends and saves James Bond’s (Roger Moore) life in The Beastmaster, Sheena and several slasher films, including 1979 Tourist Trap

Prior to her film career, Roberts also modeled and represented brands such as Excedrin, Ultra Brite, Clairol and Cool Ray sunglasses, while the news of the cause of death continued to spread, fans celebrated their work on social media, posting their favorite roles and photos of their work

I was so sad to read that Tanya Roberts passed away at the age of 65. I have always called her the “underrated angel” because I don’t feel she was appreciated enough during her brief stint at Charlie’s Angels but I thought she was really great What sad news I adore her picTwittercom / feCbwf05Yk

One fan wrote, “I’ve always called her the ‘Underrated Angel’ because I don’t feel like she was appreciated enough during her brief stint at Charlie’s Angels, but I thought she was really great””

RiP Tanya Roberts She was one of my favorite Charlie’s Angels She got her real angel wings today BildTwittercom / OeKvTKPdvU

Another fan of hers wrote: “RiP Tanya Roberts She was one of my favorite Charlie’s Angels. She got her real angel wings today “

The actor is from the Bronx, New York, and is survived by her husband Lance and sister Barbara Chase, TVLine reports

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