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Actor Zack Ward, who played Farkus in the classic film “A Christmas Story,” spoke to Fox News about his memories of the beloved vacation movie

Star “A Christmas Story,” who played neighborhood bully Scut Farkus in the iconic Christmas movie, has a heavy heart this season when his father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in July and “was quickly rejected,” Ward said , he and his siblings had decided to take their father into a fully assisted living environment in which he could be better cared for than they could offer themselves

“In doing so, you will learn a lot about what Alzheimer’s does to people and how little research has been done to help those people,” the 50-year-old Ward told Fox News as he shared the parallels he has recognized Dealing with the debilitating disease and the concepts of the family and facing one’s own fears, as seen in “A Christmas Story” “

“Not only are there people who have Alzheimer’s, but the families who are affected by it,” continued Ward. “There are approximately five million Americans who live with Alzheimer’s, but it affects another 16 million family members and Friends trying to take care of this person And I can’t agree that it’s something we should just throw our hands at and just walk: “Well, that’s life” I think that’s ridiculous “


The Alzheimer’s attorney said research should be treated “as an investment in your children’s future,” as they may one day live with the degenerative disease and may need the attention of others as well

“If this happened to people under 40, the research would be over the roof,” Ward said. “But there seems to be an attitude towards people 65 and over that we just forget and put in a corner and wait for it that they die that seems really myopic and myopic “

Ward said he dealt with his fears of looking after his own father before admitting him to better care and believes his character is a portrayal in the “cherished family heirloom” A Christmas Story overcoming these fears is

“I think one of the biggest moments for Scut Farkus is when he’s defeated and then his hat falls off and he has the bloody nose and he’s just a little boy sniffing,” explained Ward

kZac Ward said Elon Musk should donate $ 50 million to Alzheimer’s research (Photo by Albert L. Ortega / Getty Images)

“I think that teaches kids that bullies are people too. And the fact is, if you face your fears, you can overcome this ‘bully’ that is intimidating you,” he continued. “And I don’t think that it just has to do with getting into a fist fight, but i think it’s a metaphor for life when you are afraid of something, face it, when you are intimidated by something, speak up when you are over the hurdles in life want to overcome, you cannot do so by walking down the back street to avoid the confrontation. You have to turn your life upside down “

For the Parker family in “A Christmas Story,” much of their existence has focused on facing their family challenges, and Ward believes other families see themselves in a similar position to the Parkers, especially given the grave ones Insecurity caused by the family coronavirus pandemic

“If you watch the movie, it plays out in an ambiguous year, roughly between 1939 and 1941, because that’s when ‘Little Orphan Annie’ was on the radio, so these are timestamp marks that are in the movie,” Ward said

“And when you look at this you understand that the country has gone through a depression, you see they always eat red cabbage and complain about you always eat meatloaf, so you get cheap meat to keep stretching out can’t afford to replace the house heater, which is fun – but then you also remember, “Oh, that’s why people freeze to death” You can’t get new tires for the car. You have to haggle over a Christmas tree for yours only form of entertainment is crossword puzzles – nothing against them – but obviously this is a family building an existence This is a family trying to survive a tough time and do the best it can “

Ward said that while helping his father with his diagnosis he was amazed at how much his father had turned down since he had worked as a general contractor helping Ward remodel his house when Ward’s father suddenly found himself on his way one day Lost his way to his house, Ward knew something was wrong

“It was late June, early July, and my dad was on his way to my house here in Los Angeles and got lost. He got off at the wrong exit and called me and said he was lost – and he been to my house a few hundred times so it was very surprising to get lost, “explained Ward

Ward added that realizing his father couldn’t position himself directly “broke my heart because my father was a Boy Scout and an Eagle Scout with the order of the arrow,” he said, “I mean this one Guy used to go into the mountains with a fishing tackle, bedding and hunting knife and spent three weeks up there as a bionic boy scout And now I had to drive over and find him and bring him to my home and that was when I finally got to sat him down and asked how often he gets lost “

The actor described the sight of seeing his father wither in front of him as “the grossest, most heartbreaking experience” “

“The most tragic thing I’ve ever seen is my dad standing in the middle of a room locked up and staring at a wall and only staying there for three or four minutes at a time staring at a wall and I can you don’t say what horror I am “

Ward said he was motivated to make his childhood hero a shell of himself to raise awareness of the impact Alzheimer’s disease has on those who suffer from it and their families

“You are talking about seeing someone you love disappear in front of your eyes, right in front of your eyes. And it is – and what is very interesting about the Alzheimer’s Association is that you are talking to people who have been through this, “he added

Due to the strong family component that comes with “A Christmas Story” or Linked to Alzheimer’s, Ward said that nothing “goes according to plan” with Alzheimer’s that many others may relate to the idea, regardless of whether a loved one is experiencing the disease

“This is a lower middle class family, barely middle class, and they are struggling to maintain some level of sanity,” he said. “And even in the end, where the epitome of their dreams would be was this great turkey meal – they had to save up for it and they don’t even get that. And then they end up in a Chinese restaurant, which was the only one that was open over the holidays at the time – and they’re together “

Ward continued, “I think that’s why the film translates cultures and generations because it’s always about families coming together and deserving respect in the eyes of the patriarch or matriarch of the family – someone you care about that you’re really trying to become someone they respect and who brings you together I think that’s the whole process. The thing about ‘A Christmas Story’ and why people love it is that they see their own life in the movie The fact that nothing ever meets your expectations “

Ward said families around the world should cherish the moments to spend with loved ones and use the holiday season, especially this year, as a reminder that our time is precious

“It just reminds us that things never go the way you want them to, but when you’re together it’s fine,” he said, “So I think that’s the same thing with Alzheimer’s: it will not working the way you want there is no remission, but if you can sing together and at least share a smile, you will have these moments and that is where the beauty of life actually lives “

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