After months of allegedly transferring COVID-19 aid funds to their own bank accounts, a family in Toronto is facing some dire consequences

According to The Toronto Star, Sanjay Madan, Shalini Madan, their sons Chinmaya Madan and Ujjawal Madan, and their associate Vidhan Singh have been accused of massive fraud

The outlet reports that they stole nearly $ 11 million in aid that worked for the IT department of the Ontario government

Sanjay was the IT manager […] and as such had a thorough knowledge of IT applications

Sanjay Madan was a director in the iAccess Solutions division at the Department of Education and IT director of the government’s Online Family Support Program (SFFP)

However, a significant portion of this has apparently been diverted to over 400 accounts at the Bank of Montreal, which The Star reports “opened” on behalf of Madan respondents “*

Associate Vidhan Singh reportedly received SFFP payments of over 40$ 000, which is equivalent to benefits for 200 children

The investigation is ongoing, allegations have not been proven in court, and no charges have been brought yet

The Star reports that Sanjay and Shalini Madan were suspended for payment in August 2020 and their assets were frozen

Sanjay Madan

World News – CA – A Toronto family has reportedly stolen millions of COVID-19 family aid funds