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A man from the Toronto area killed two young women in his home nearly a decade apart Then he cut open her remains and disposed of her by throwing her into a lake and flushing her in the toilet A judge ruled on Tuesday

Adam Strong, 47, was convicted of first degree murder in the murder of Rori Hache and manslaughter of Kandis Fitzpatrick

The court heard that Strong’s previously accredited prosecutors had proven that he had dismembered the two women, but argued that they could not prove that he killed either woman

In a court ruling and via conference call, Ontario Supreme Court Justice Joseph Di Luca found that Strong killed Hache in September 2017 by repeatedly hitting her in the head with a hammer or similar object when she was tied up in his bedroom

The judge said the killing constituted first degree murder because it occurred in the course of sexual assault

He found that Strong had in 2008 also killed Fitzpatrick, but said that there was not enough evidence for a murder conviction

The fact that both women were dismembered after their deaths and that their remains were kept in a freezer when Strong tried to dispose of them for months further supports the finding that he killed them, Di Luca said

“The chances that Mr. Strong would have needed a freezer twice to store the dismembered body parts of young women who died innocently It’s so infinitely small that it suggests the opposite, ”he said

Hache, 18 years old and pregnant, disappeared in August 2017 Her upper body was found in the following month in Lake Ontario, and Strong was indicted in late December of this year because of her death

Fitzpatrick was last seen in 2008. Her body was never found, but in July 2018 police claimed she found her DNA in Strong’s basement, including on a special hunting knife that was used for skinning and gutting animals. p>

The trial before a judge alone heard that the police according to Strong’s Oshawa, Ont, was called home in December 2017 after plumbers had found a “meat-like” substance in the pipes

Court heard Strong later tell investigators who questioned him that he was surprised when Hache’s torso was discovered in the lake for taking precautions to prevent him from showing up

He also blamed his arrest for “faulty plumbing” and said police flushing down the drain was an efficient disposal method, the court heard

Di Luca decided that Strong’s surprise was due to the fact that he had successfully used these techniques to get rid of Fitzpatrick’s remains

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Adam Strong

World News – CA – Adam Strong was named 1 for murder Found guilty of degree and manslaughter in two murders