The share price of AEterna Zentaris Inc (NASDAQ: AEZS) was up 23737% last week as it went from $ 0.999 per share on Jan. February morning at $ 334 since yesterday There has been a significant spike in the AEZS discussion on a number of Reddit groups and StockTwits over the past week

For example, one of the threads that went viral on Reddit a few days ago was from a Reddit user who was the least of the boys explaining why he believed AEZS would be 4 US in the next 2-4 months This user cited a low float and other catalysts like the announcement of an oral COVID vaccine, and there are dozens of other bullish posts about the company’s stocks that have surfaced in the past few days

But there seems to be a pullback today as a number of investors have been making money since the stock price rose 2009% yesterday alone, the stock price fell over 20% ahead of the initial public offering at 7:24 a.m. ET

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World News – CA – AEZS share price up 23737% in the past week: Why it happened