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For the past several years, Aljamain Sterling has worked tirelessly to develop every aspect of his skills to match the core game that established him as a serious threat in bantamweight

A former All-American wrestler and Black Belt of NCAA Division III in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Sterling is one of the best in the world at £ 135, but he knows that not every fight will land on the big screen, so he did everything to build his striking arsenal to match what he can do on site

In fact, Sterling has shown how much he’s learned in recent fights, including a three-round showcase against Pedro Munhoz in which he was determined to beat the Brazilian who had a knockout win over former champion Cody Garbrandt had won

Now that he’s preparing to face bantamweight champion Petr Yan at UFC 259, the 31-year-old top contender prides himself on seeing himself as a true mixed martial artist with all the tools necessary to win the fight, no matter where he goes place

However, in the days and weeks leading up to the highly anticipated title fight, Sterling wasn’t shy about taunting Yan with a game plan that mimicked what 29 lightweights experienced against Khabib Nurmagomedov

“It’s not a secret,” Sterling told MMA Fighting of the strategy that will lead him to victory. “Especially when my wrist is better in terms of strength, anyone I come down can do with my previous fights It’s a bad night for any of these guys, especially when I can get into a dominant position where I can land serious bottoms and pounds

“At the end of the day I’m going to jerk him off and smash him and that’s really it. Not to tear Khabib down, but I’ve been doing it for just as long. Khabib might have done better, people might know him a little more for that, but I am just as good in this position I like to think that I am the khabib of my department ”

During his career as a competitor and then as a champion, Nurmagomedov never tried to hide what he would do to an opponent and the most terrifying aspect of his game was that no one could stop him

The undefeated Russian routinely brought down the best lightweights in the world, pounded them with punches, made submissions while telling them to just give up

While Sterling may not attempt to verbally attack Yan if they hit the ground on Saturday night, he knows the results will be similar

“Ultimately, my shutdowns aren’t like Henry Cejudo’s,” Sterling explained. “I’m not taking you on an insider trip and then doing nothing. I take you down, I slap you in the face, I slam my elbows, me throw your knees and if you turn around and give up your back I’m on your back and I’m trying to strangle you or I’ll punch the crap out of you from there

“I don’t think he fought anyone like me. He fought [Magomed]” Tiger “Magomedov and I got to train with” Tiger “” I know they fought twice, he beat Yan and then got Yan fought him back in a really close fight”That was before” Tiger “had any more experience with his strike. I think that says a lot to me in terms of my confidence because I can do anything, but I know where I am strongest. I know when I do Can bring fight to the ground, he will be a fish on land I think this is the path of least resistance ”

Having referred to himself as a “human Jansport” in the past, Sterling clearly loves the prospect of testing himself in an argument with Yan, but even if the fight never hits the ground, he’s confident it will Result will be the same

“I think I’m the better fighter,” Sterling said, “I just have to make sure I’m prepared for the night and that’s it”

Whether it’s a striking war or a one-sided fight on the ground, Sterling only knows that now is the time to seize the moment, and clichéd as it may sound, he strives to make all of his To finally make dreams come true

“Winning the belt would be everything,” said Sterling. “It would change my life, it would change everything. Many possibilities and these are the things I see. To get there, I have to want it and I have to. I have to.” want more than this guy ”

Petr Yan

World news – CA – Aljamain Sterling ready to dominate Petr Yan on site: “I like to think that I am the Khabib of my division”

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2021/3/6/22307644/aljamain-sterling-dominate-petr-yan-on-ground-i-like-to-think-that-i-am-the-khabib-of-my-division