While many celebrities who attended the Golden Globe Awards this year have gone for slightly understated hair and makeup looks, Angela Bassett is one of the exceptions to the 62-year-old actress rose and wore an ultra-long elaborate braid and deep smoky eggplant eye that matched her gorgeous dark purple dress.Although everything is still different this year due to the pandemic, she still looks as glamorous as ever

Her next level braid was done by her barber, Randy Stodghill, who has already shared several photos of Bassett in her full awarding attire on his Instagram, “MRS ANGELA💜,” his headline reads while Stodghill lists the specific order of the products he uses did not announce, he marked the hair care brands Phyto Specific Paris and Phyto Paris USA

At first glance it might look like a regular braid, but if you look closer you can see that Stodghill has created an elaborate design with a tiny, tighter braid woven over the main braid to give it a unique one and versatile look -dimensional feel, according to his Instagram story, he used Phytos baobab oil to finish off the style and add extra shine and moisture to Bassett’s hair
For her makeup, she went for a monochrome, jewel-colored look that consisted of a shimmering purple shade and soft purple lip color that matched her dress makeup artist D’Andre Michael posted some stunning close-ups of the on his Instagram Beat the star shared and wow Just wow It also included a breakdown of all the products he used

It probably goes without saying, but we won’t stop thinking about that epic braid – or that dreamy makeup look – for some time now, thanks to Stodghill and Michael for the look to be unforgettable

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