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If Anthony Pettis is to be concerned about his UFC future, this is news for him

Pettis (33) was one of the UFC’s most reliable competitors, regardless of whether he started with 155 or 170 (or occasionally even 145) He brought both an exciting style into the octagon and a familiar face to long-time promotion followers.This veteran status has given him reassurance, even though he has struggled with consecutive wins over the past few years, however, other UFC stalwarts have recently had their time with the Seen the ascent to the end UFC President Dana White mentioned that there will likely be more cuts before the end of the year

Anderson Silva, Yoel Romero and Jussier Formiga are just three top 10 mainstays who are now either in a free agency or under contract to another promotion

Could Pettis be next if he loses to Alex Morono at UFC Vegas 17 this Saturday?

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Pettis was asked if he was feeling any added pressure to fight the relatively lesser-known morono due to the recent UFC cuts

“Not at all,” Pettis said. “Honestly, I couldn’t have taken a fight and only been able to ride it until next year, but no, I didn’t feel any pressure on it if the UFC decides they didn’t put me on this list anymore – I’ve been with this company for 12 years and I’ve seen everything in this company, from the Fertitta brothers, from the sale of the company to our location. The moment Reebok came in as a sponsor, I was there for everything I feel no pressure on it It’s a business and I understand

“I feel like I’m always on the chopping block. Every time I fight it’s like I’ll win this fight better and be more impressive, or you never know if your job will still be available the next day There are always these young, hungry people coming. So I don’t feel any pressure on them ”

If the morono booking raised its eyebrows, it’s not Morono. Last month, The Great White recovered from a loss to Khaos Williams by unanimously deciding against Rhys McKee to play his fourth fight in five games win

Pettis’ résumé is a who’s who of UFC greats, including Max Holloway, Benson Henderson, Donald Cerrone, Nate Diaz, Rafael dos Anjos, Tony Ferguson and UFC Thompson 17-headliner Stephen Thompson, of whom Pettis is in Eliminated March 2019 Morono is still building his legacy, but Pettis sees him as an equally worthy opponent as any fighter he has met before

“He’s dangerous,” Pettis said. “I think people don’t give him credit because he doesn’t have a name yet, but these are the struggles it takes to make a name for himself. I’ve got his last fights He’s not a bum Nobody in the UFC is a bum Everyone in the UFC has talent There are no easy fights in the UFC He definitely has holes in his game, just like everyone else, but I feel like when I’m with myself am in tune and play on all cylinders, I don’t think anyone could beat me That’s my goal

“My goal is to go in there, get my thoughts right and get into that river right away. I can’t do a round to get into the river, I can’t do two rounds. I have to get in there and that right away Have the feeling that you are shooting at all cylinders ”

Should Pettis triumph on Saturday, he’ll be in a fascinating position as the morono fight marks the final part of his current UFC contract.A win would put him in the driver’s seat until he got the promotion he’d been doing since 2011 at home, re-signed, and also provided leverage for him should he decide to end this UFC run on his own terms

Wherever Pettis lands, he has decided that now is not the time to pick fights. If he wants to work his way through to a championship opportunity, don’t do it by labeling marquee names He wants to climb the ladder the old-fashioned way

“I think my approach this year is not going to look for those big name fights,” Pettis said. “I will build my resume and skills and be ready for a title recording. Even if I take this fight, that’s why why i am here The growth that I have had this year is an attitude, a spiritual growth, but I had to look back on my career and many choices that I made in the battles I wanted to fight I had no reasons for it I thought let me fight Anderson Silva, let me fight “Wonderboy” Thompson, there was no real reason behind it, it was just like, “Yo, what’s the next big thing?”

“I’ve pulled back and focused on my career, what my goals are, what my goals are, and this time I’m going slower I will be more selective and smarter with my opponents”

Pettis’ thoughtful approach to his career is one he expects to serve him well as his focus is on other professional activities, including his management company, Show Time Sports Entertainment Group, by age 26, Pettis was a UFC champion , but in retrospect, he sees a multitude of mistakes he’s made along the way and he hopes to help aspiring fighters avoid these pitfalls

What advice would Pettis have on the way to a decisive battle for those who want to become the next “Showtime”?

“Don’t be the next Anthony Pettis,” Pettis said, “I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my career and I am learning from those mistakes, but I want to give these guys the opportunity to be the best version of themselves”

“So this is my biggest advice, find the right formula that will make you the best version of yourself”

Anthony Pettis

World News – CA – Anthony Pettis is feeling no added pressure to win after cuts from veterans

Source: https://www.mmafighting.com/2020/12/19/22190148/anthony-pettis-not-feeling-extra-pressure-to-win-in-wake-of-veteran-cuts