INDIANAPOLIS – Baylor appeared to be losing some of his defensive mojo during a three-week COVID-19 hiatus The twists aren’t that sharp The remaining stock, not quite as close

The bears have got their groove back and there couldn’t have been a better time. You’re going to need it

Baylor closed Houston in a suffocating first half, starting his first national championship game since 1948, throttling the Cougars 78-59 on Saturday night

The bears are ranked with the highest and overall No. 1 faced 1 seed Gonzaga, who defeated UCLA 93-90 in overtime in one of the biggest strokes in NCAA tournament history, hit Jalen Suggs, took a dribble after crossing halfway and buried a 3-pointer to give the Zags a chance to become the first undefeated team since Indiana in 1976

“It feels like we’re back where we were before the break,” said Baylors Jared Butler, who had 17 points. “It’s great that this is the right time We thought it was the worst when we stopped and it was a three week hiatus but I think it worked out perfectly for us ”

Baylor (27: 2) mocked the first Final Four game of the night and built a lead of 25 points at halftime with an 18: 3 run.The Bears had five players in the double digits and made 11 3-point- Points to secure a place in Monday’s championship game against Gonzaga

The bears flew around at Lucas Oil Stadium, causing the Cougars (28-4) to tumble across the ground in wave after wave, capable of guarding every position and point on the ground, Baylor limited even the best offensive rebounding Team of the nation and almost met Houston (14-13)

“We were prepared,” said Baylor trainer Scott Drew. “Our boys did a great job getting involved in tasks and trends”

Questions in the bears’ defense arose after looking less sharp after the COVID-19 hiatus.Baylor found his flow as the NCAA tournament began, suppressing one opponent at a time as he played the won first four games with almost 15 points per game

Baylor was downright unbearable against Houston, spinning so fast that there were six bears on the floor at times.Baylor made every shot in an overwhelming first half a chore for Houston by switching screens or pinching to get one to prevent an overt look and collapse in color when the cougars parted

Marcus Sasser found the seams in Baylor’s full defense, scoring 17 points on a 5-of-7 shooting out of 3 in the first half, with the rest of the Cougars scoring three points, with only DeJon Jarreau taking a bucket among Houston’s other 15 attempts made

Quentin Grimes, Houston’s top scorer and third-team All-American, ran out of points and missed all five of his shots in the first half Mitchell and Vital were responsible at this end of Baylor’s dominance, taking turns chasing him with every step he ended up with 13 points, only 1 for 8 from the 3-point arc

The Cougars found some rhythm in the second half too, not enough to make up for the massive deficit largely caused by Baylor’s defensive performance

“Baylor are clearly the best team we’ve ever played,” said Houston coach Kelvin Sampson. “They may be the best team we’ve played in the seven years I’ve been here”

UCLA’s angry bid against the most efficient team in college basketball depended on two big factors: the game stalling and the shooting

The stall came via the slow roll, with trainer Mick Cronin making slow hand gestures, UCLA refused to run even when they got the chance, and worked methodically on half court sentences

The part that makes shots is something UCLA has done throughout the brace. Heavy shots have been going on since the Bruins arrived at Indy and they kept falling into the Final Four – 15 of 26, 4 of 7 of 3

All of those shots meant fewer rebounds, which in turn meant fewer opportunities for the Bulldogs to get out and do their best: Running Gonzaga made 17 of 28 shots but only led 45-44 at halftime

The Zags (31-0) were in a similar position in the title game of the West Coast Conference Tournament. They followed in the first half at 14, found their rhythm and won with 10

The Bruins wouldn’t let it happen to them. They kept shooting and taking them on the wire

Drew Timme took a late-stage charge against Johnny Juzang in regulation and Suggs made sure what just happened flourished with his 3 am buzzer

A wonderful ending that is sure to be a fascinating title game between the two best teams of the entire season

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