BC. Conducts a three-week “breaker” style lockdown introducing major new restrictions on indoor dining in restaurants, group fitness and church services

The province posted 2 records in the past three days518 new COVID-19 cases, including a record high of 936 on Saturday, six more people have died

“We have seen the beginning of exponential growth,” said Dr Bonnie Henry “Gathering indoors is the greatest risk we all face right now”

The province announced on Monday that any premises serving food and liquor will have to switch to takeout or delivery service, indoor food is suspended but terraces will remain open

The School Public Health Guidelines have also been changed to encourage students through Grade 4 Great to wear masks to school

All new health regulations come into effect on 30 March at midnight and apply until 19 April

BC. tightening restrictions for the first time since November Indoor dining in the province has been open since May 2020

But BC.The moving average is now 803 cases per day – the second highest number of pandemics

“I had great hope last week that we could stay where we were, but the dramatic increase in the past five days has made it happen,” said Henry

Henry said that during targeted inspections of the workplace in Whistler, the province found that staff were having difficulty maintaining public health restrictions between diners

Prime Minister John Horgan spoke directly to people ages 20 to 39 and said, “Don’t blow this for the rest of us”

“We have made so good progress together and we have come a long way, but we cannot blow it now. We still have weeks and weeks ahead of us and must redouble our efforts to take on individual responsibility for the common good focus, “he said

People in BC. are still able to gather outdoors in groups of 10 Henry told people to stick to the same group of 10 people

“I ask for your help for the next few weeks. If you gather outside, even if it starts to rain or snow, stay outside,” she said

BC. It was also announced on Monday that, like many provinces, the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine will be discontinued for those under the age of 55

Sources told CBC Monday that NACI plans to discontinue the use of AstraZeneca in people under the age of 55 after reports of rare blood clots in some immunized patients

The updated guidelines will be released later Monday, according to sources who spoke on condition of anonymity

On 18 In March, the provincial government announced that a priority group consisting of teachers, childcare workers, grocery store workers and first responders would receive an initial dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine in April

Henry said the use of the vaccine will be suspended until a risk assessment can be completed in the coming days

“If you’ve currently received the AstraZeneca vaccine and it’s been more than 20 days, there is no risk,” she said, adding that there have been fewer than 30 cases of blood clotting worldwide

Last week, teachers in Surrey were given early access to COVID-19 vaccinations due to the higher rate of coronavirus transmission in the district

On Twitter, Surrey School District Superintendent Jordan Tinney said employees who were vaccinated on Monday received the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine

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