A Japanese billionaire tries to occupy some places on his SpaceX rocket up to the moon

The eccentric fashion designer Yusaku Maezawa has started an international search for eight people to accompany him on the planned trip around the moon, which Elon Musk aims to reach as early as 2023

Maezawa, 45, announced the search on his Twitter account on Tuesday in his latest high-stakes social media stunt The announcement contained few details, but Maezawa previously called his “DearMoon” expedition as a trip billed in which many artists will be attending

You can learn more about the selection process in this video It also includes a special message from @elonmusk #dearMoon

Maezawa admitted in a video on Tuesday that defining an artist can be difficult and wants to bring his criteria to a “more diverse audience” of potential passengers

“Perhaps every single person who does something creative could be called an artist,” he said. “If you see yourself as an artist, you are an artist”

He says he will consider candidates for the mission from anywhere in the world, provided they can meet two criteria:

Maezawa says he will pay all of the cost of the trip, so he’s essentially offering a “free pass to the moon”

“We will go beyond the moon,” he said, “We expect people to go further than any human from planet earth ever before”

In the registration form you will be asked for your name, your email address and your home country. You can also upload a photo that will be automatically cut into the helmet of a spacesuit

A follow-up email states that further details on the screening process will be released on March 15 March will be shipped

Potential candidates will undergo an initial screening later this month, followed by a “assignment,” an “online interview,” and a “final interview and medical examination” in late May, according to the website details about the assignment and the assessment process not published

Maezawa, who runs Japanese fashion brand Zozo, was the first to pay for a trip to the moon when he signed up for an undisclosed sum in 2018

He plans to put 10 to 12 passengers on the StarsX spacecraft, which is still in the testing phase.The spacecraft is expected to fly to the moon for three days, snake around the other side of the lunar ship, and then another three Days back

The trip is slated for 2023, although Musk still has some fine-tuning to do on his Starship design after two of the prototypes were blown up in final tests

Maezawa has made high-stakes giveaways on Twitter in the past. He once promised to give some of his followers $ 9 million as a “social experiment” to see if it would make their happiness better

He also used Twitter last year to start an unsuccessful search for a friend to accompany him to the moon. He had planned to turn the search into a bachelor-style reality show for Japanese TV, but withdrew Later returned due to “mixed feelings” reports reported that he received approximately $ 27000 applications for the show

Maezawa announced on Wednesday morning that he’s already over 100Has received 000 registrations for the trip The No One country for applicants was India, followed by Japan and the United States Canada in No. 8

Maezawa isn’t the only billionaire looking for passengers for a SpaceX trip U.S. Entrepreneur Jared Isaacman is also assembling a crew of four for the first all-civil space flight into orbit later this year

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