WATERLOO, ON, Feb 24, 2021 / CNW / – BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) today released the BlackBerry Threat Report 2021, which outlines a sharp rise in cyber threats for businesses since the onset of COVID-19 The study reveals a cyber crime industry which not only adapted to new digital habits, but also became increasingly successful in finding and targeting organizations at risk.Research also reveals a dangerous new change in the world of cybercrime, in which mercenaries and crimeware-as-a- Service models are becoming increasingly accessible

At the beginning of the pandemic, countless organizations suddenly had to support a large part of their workforce remotely, and many had to digitize various parts of their infrastructure overnight.This development and introduction of digital offerings left companies with insufficient protection for employees and customers on an ever-increasing basis and underinsured attack surface.There has also been an increased amalgamation of cyber and physical threats, with cyber criminals increasingly targeting health organizations or using the pandemic to outsmart already vulnerable populations

“The cybersecurity industry is getting more complex every year as new technology, devices, and innovations emerge – and this has never been truer than in 2020, when everything from a global pandemic to the United States took place Wahl, “said Eric Milam, vice president of research and intelligence at BlackBerry,” As the world becomes more connected and cybercrime grows, preparing will become a key factor in successful threat prevention in 2021 “

Additionally, the report highlights a burgeoning crimeware-as-a-service business model, as well as the increasing sophistication and collaboration of these hacker-for-hire groups.The ransomware-as-a-service model has not only been hugely successful – especially as more non-digital natives have been transacted online – but also the additional investigation of threat actors like BAHAMUT and CostaRicto shows that these groups have the tools that were previously believed to be the exclusive domain of nation-state attackers that provides poses a new threat to businesses, making attacks more frequent, more skillful, and more targeted

“As both public and private organizations work to pinpoint cyber espionage groups, the foundation for robust security practices remains unchanged. From 24/7 surveillance to AI-driven security tools to detecting insider threats, all of them can Proven security basics – and understanding how current events affect a company’s attack surface – make the difference between a data breach and a successful cyber defense, “continued Milam

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World news – CA – BlackBerry 2021 Annual Threat Report uncovers the breadth of COVID-19 exploitation

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