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Sarah El Gharib


Sarah El Gharib

Power couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, known for helping their communities in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, have made another generous donation – this time to Covenant House, an organization that put the homeless and at risk People supports youth in Canada

The couple has built on a generous track record of helping Indigenous women and people suffering from hunger by donating 250$ 000 to the Toronto Covenant House shelter and $ 250Put $ 000 into the Vancouver Animal Shelter

The donations will help provide hot meals, safe rooms, medical supplies, and support for those in need, the charity


In a statement, Krista Thompson, CEO of Covenant House Vancouver, thanked the couple for their generous contribution, which was made as part of a matching fundraising campaign at the end of the year

“Ryan and Blake really understand that young people affected by homelessness deserve unconditional love and absolute respect,” said Thompson. “Like Ryan and Blake, we hope this gift will highlight the worth of every young person and inspires others to open their hearts to those struggling with the homelessness crisis ”

Covenant House, Canada’s largest youth home, provides invaluable help to people affected by homelessness, trauma and abuse

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have 500$ 000 donated to Canadian initiatives supporting homeless, vulnerable, and trafficked youth across the country.Half of the money will go to Covenant House in Vancouver and the remainder will go to the organization’s Toronto office ImageTwittercom / SB4yexDsRO

The agency offers a range of care and counseling services to sex trafficking and sexual abuse survivors – 90% of them are women, according to a recent study by Statistics Canada

Reynolds, who is committed to the cause, stressed the need to look beyond this “extraordinary trauma” and believe in the potential of young people to shape their future anyway

“You are so much more than this trauma. You have so much to offer the world,” he remarked. “If you go with this gift, say that you believe in her you believe in the power of compassion for the.” To change a human trajectory ”

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United Way App makes poverty in Toronto practically “not to be underestimated”

The Vancouverite native, who is a “longtime friend” of Covenant House according to Global News, says his donation is an “investment in compassion and empathy; something the world needs more of ”

At a time when compassion may be key to solving one of the most pressing global health problems ever experienced, truer words may never have been spoken

Blake Lively

World News – CA – Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donate 500$ 000 to help homeless, vulnerable youth in Canada

Source: https://www.globalcitizen.org/en/content/ryan-reynolds-blake-lively-donation-covenant-house/