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Investors may not be familiar with Braille Energy Systems (TSXV: BES), but that won’t weigh on stocks today. Indeed, BESV Share Rises on Big News What’s this news? And what else do you need to know about Braille Energy Systems stock?

Investors should first know that Braille Energy Systems is a Canadian manufacturer and supplier of lightweight lithium-ion batteries. Customers come from the motorsport, transportation, avionics, mining, medical and audio industries. The company also works through its Braille -Batteriearm in Sarasota, Florida Braille Battery also specializes in lithium-ion batteries for high performance. Customers include Indycar, DTM, SuperGT and Australian V8 supercars

Since Braille Energy Systems is based in Kingston, Canada, it is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange However, Something About BESV Is Getting Investor Attention Today What Should You Know Now About Braille Energy Systems’ stock?

It turns out that the company shared some big news yesterday in a press release, Braille Energy Systems announced that it has entered into a supply agreement with Unplugged Performance. Under this agreement, only 12-volt lithium batteries for Unplugged Performance will be supplied And if you’re unfamiliar, Unplugged Performance is running the leading upgrade program for Tesla vehicles (NASDAQ: TSLA)

Essentially, Unplugged Performance makes high-performance parts to upgrade Tesla vehicles for drivers who want a supercar experience.These upgrades include vinyl wrapping, detailing, custom interiors, and window tinting, in addition to providing specific services for individual Tesla vehicles for the model You can upgrade it to drive safer, among other things. Unplugged Performance operates in Hawthorne, California, adjacent to the Tesla Design Center

It is currently not entirely clear how significant this partnership will be.Not every Tesla customer wants to upgrade, especially not to racing specs Lithium-ion batteries are used

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