CALGARIA – Brendan Bottcher knew a near flawless performance would be required to deny Kevin Koe a fifth career title in the Canadian Men’s Curling Championship

He was almost perfect on Sunday night to finally end a three year silver streak at the Tim Hortons Brier

Bottcher shot 97 percent to lead his team to a 4-2 win in Alberta End with no options to achieve a game-changing duel

“It’s just a good feeling when you know you’ve worked so hard and then come out and do your best at the biggest game there is,” said Bottcher. “It’s just a cool and special feeling”

Koe and his teammates John Morris, BJ Neufeld and Ben Hebert briefly studied the house with a view of three stones and with no real chance of drawing level, they decided to name it

Bottcher and his teammates Darren Molding, Brad Thiessen and Karrick Martin enjoyed a celebratory team hug on the side of the page in the strange silence of the no-spectator Markin MacPhail Center

“I don’t remember life never dreaming and wanting to,” said Molding. “It’s my whole life’s work, actually, it’s overwhelming, but that’s what I always imagined for sure”

“For me, it’s a lifetime of work that comes into play It’s a dream I’ve had for as long as I could remember” – @darren_moulding

The Edmonton-based foursome made their Brier debut together in 2017 and stayed intact through three stabbing final losses

“Losing in this game sucks because there is no better word,” Bottcher said. “It really sucks. It sucked the first time, it sucked the second time, and it sucked the same amount the third time

“We all show it differently, but (the win) just means so much to us and I think that was really on show here tonight when we closed it”

The teams hid five of the first six endings, and Alberta forced Wild Card Two to single in the third

The game finally opened on the seventh end when Koe flashed a stone after picking it, also missing a double takeout to set Bottcher up for a tie for three

Bottcher kept the pressure up by forcing Koe to do a tough double against five to save a single in the eighth. Bottcher missed a double for two in the ninth and went for one

“If there was ever a man who caught you late, it would be Kevin,” said Bottcher. “I really thought we persevered, we did what we had to do and we could capitalize on it.” / p>

Koe was unable to get the ending he wanted in order for the necessary pair to force an extra

“We just didn’t take advantage of it,” he said. “You made two mistakes in 10 and we could have come out with at least one tackle. Take your chances when there aren’t many (is the key)”

Koe finished the race 74 percent and his team shot a total of 84 percent Alberta threw to 91 percent

The Brier was the second of seven competitions to be held in the bubble of the Canadian Olympic Park. The Canadian Women’s Championship started last month

Earlier in the day, Bottcher scored a game-changing angle increase for a 6-5 semi-final win over Matt Dunstone of Saskatchewan

Bottcher removed the Saskatchewan stone from the button and stuck with it to score two points for the win

“Obviously it was a super difficult shot,” said Bottcher, “But those are the moments we play for, for these types of shots”

Koe from Calgary defeated Bottcher in the 2019 final.This year he represented Alberta and Bottcher’s team was Team Wild Card

The field has expanded from 16 to 18 teams for this season to include teams that have not had a chance to participate in provincial / territorial playdowns due to the pandemic

Bottcher was selected to represent Alberta and Koe received second of three wildcard entries based on the Canadian ranking

Koe took first place in the championship pool with a 10-2 record, Dunstone and Bottcher was next at 9-3

“There’s nothing to worry about,” he said. “It was a world class game. You played great and we played great

“The curling gods wore a blue sweater today. That’s all there is to it. It totally stinks, but that’s not our end yet”

Koe continues to share a record of four Brier wins with Ernie Richardson, Randy Ferbey and Kevin Martin

He also tried to become the first hometown winner since Brad Gushue in St. Johns, 2017 Gushue defended his crown the following year and also won last season

Bottcher will be Canada at the Men’s Curling World Championship from 2 until 11 April represented in the same place

His team already has a berth for the Olympic trials in November, so that space for the Brier victory in a preliminary test in autumn will be made available

Bottcher’s ice rink earned 100$ 000 of the total 300Koe’s team earned 60,000 dollar wallet$ 000 for the silver

Bottcher named Ross Harstone Sportsmanship Award winner earlier in the day Thiessen was named first team all-star along with Gushue, Saskatchewan, Braeden Moskowy and Wild Card Two, Ben Hebert

Koe was added to the second team’s all-star list Neufeld came third, Canada runner-up Brett Gallant and Northern Ontario lead Ryan Harnden

She will take Canada at the Women’s Curling World Cup from Jan. April to 9 May represented This event is expected to be the seventh and final event in the Calgary Bubble

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