The star “The Mummy” was a trending topic on Twitter on Sunday as fans shared reasons why they love him and their favorite Fraser artwork

No discussion of Brendan Fraser is complete without specifying the absolute reach he gets in Bedazzled ImageTwittercom / pDrPbx6vj1

Homies Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser and Steve Buscemi Surprised Airheads Forgot the PictureTwittercom / tkQo9c01Yo

Since “The Mummy” is one of his most popular films, many fans shared why they loved the film

“Brendan Fraser was really just the whole package. Not only shockingly handsome, tall, well built and somehow not boring at the same time, but also full of charisma, natural and able to look vulnerable and deliver a blow,” wrote one Fan in a long thread about how it is “smooth” than marble slab “

He’s actually a really good actor. Never made of wood. Smooth as a marble slab And even more amazing: not a single scandal or gross mistake in his name. Seems like a decent person, and has been for * thirty years *

“He’s super talented and his performance in the mummy has influenced the action stars since she fell,” added another, while someone else broke in, “There’s nothing you can complain about when you go see this movie ”

I’ve seen Brendan Fraser be on trend and I wholeheartedly support the love he’s getting The guy is criminally underrated He’s super talented and his performance in the mummy has influenced the action stars since they fell / p>

Brendan Fraser in The Mummy was a perfect casting choice. He was so funny to Rachel Weisz they had great chemistry together There’s nothing to complain about when you watch this movie picTwittercom / S7DzWhNT56

As we all emerge from a year of isolation, Brendan Fraser’s classic “Blast From The Past” should be required to see the pic on Twittercom / jIy6GwE9vp

As we spread the gospel of Brendan Fraser, please remember how he stole the entire show in one scene as a traumatized Vietnam vet in NOW AND THEN picTwittercom / 6bjd1DHM2T

I sign up and see that Brendan Fraser is on trend (as he should be damn good): picTwittercom / yIej09rkJO

I imagine Brendan Fraser’s publicist calls him “You’re trending on Twitter” and he says, “Oh god, what have I done” and she says, “Um you’re trending because everyone loves you ” and I hope that gives him a warm, fuzzy feeling

Brendan Fraser is one of the cruelest, critically underrated actors of his generation, and I’ll die on this hill https: // tco / LYBFhCAE2U

if the MCU had come out in the 90s ???? Brendan Fraser would have made a decent winter soldier ImageTwittercom / c0VKyYZCCy

Fraser is next in “No Sudden Move,” “Behind the Curtain of Night,” and Darren Aronofsky’s mystery project as Charlie

Brendan Fraser

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