The episode occurred in the second movement of Osaka’s clash with Tunisia’s Ons Jabeur when an unexpected guest interrupted her serve

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A large butterfly landed on Osaka’s leg as the player prepared to send the ball to the opposite side of the field

The 2019 Australian Open winner carefully carried the insect off the field, but the butterfly refused to leave the Japanese star, returned to Osaka and landed on her nose before finally fluttering away

The episode didn’t go unnoticed by tennis enthusiasts, who shared the video of the unusual episode on social media and praised the star for her friendly approach to the tiny intruder

Some even said the encounter was the perfect feed for sponsors that Nike could use in an “inspirational” advertising campaign

Naomi Osaka is carefully rescuing a butterfly on the pitch and I can see the commercial is being produced at this moment in the minds of some Nike executives

The unexpected meeting with the curious insect had no effect on Osaka as she passed Jabeur and won the match 6: 3: 6: 2

In the next round, the Japanese champions face the Spanish 14 Garbine Murguruza seeds

Naomi Osaka

World news – CA – Butterfly effect: Naomi Osaka gently touches insect intruders during the Australian Open game (VIDEO)