After the December snow event which, according to Environment Canada, a city couple, fell nearly eight inches of snow in Calgary over two days, city councils are proposing updates to the City of Calgary’s Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) guidelines

Ward 6 Coun Jeff Davison and Ward 1 Coun Ward Sutherland are bringing the motion notice to an upcoming meeting of the Priorities and Finance Committee on Dec. January 12

The proposed changes would remove barriers to faster city responses in heavy snowfall

According to the current policy, snowstorms leading to heavy snowfall must report a snow safety emergency to improve the city’s response to snow removal.The city’s seven-day snow plan calls for snow removal to begin after the snowfall has ended and the streets in Priority order to be cleared

“Many Calgarians are rightly angry with the city’s snow removal efforts after our last major snowfall,” Davison said in a press release. “To hear that a bureaucratic technique has restricted our snow response is unacceptable”

If approved by the Council, the notice would give “the city government the authority and ability to report a snow safety emergency to deploy additional resources on a city-wide basis during major winter weather events,” with the funds being added to the SNIC reserves It would also instruct the administration, if necessary, to develop a “detailed criterion” to put more plows on the road for future significant snowfalls

The application also recognizes that “severe weather events have been recorded with climate change” since the SNIC guidelines were last updated in 2011

According to Environment Canada, the two-day snow event was on Dec. In the years 21-22, 2020, the largest snowfall fell on these two dates since 2012

Updates to Snow and Ice Control (SNIC) Policy in Responding to Major Winter Storm Events – PFC2021-0097 by Adam Toy on Scribd

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