The path to gold, one-by-one gold, which officially opened for Canada on Saturday, and the team advanced with a 3 -0 quarter-final victory over the Czech Republic

Canada entered the competition after winning Group A with four straight wins with a combined score of 33-4. Compared to these competitions, this one was much closer. It took the Canadians more than eight minutes to score scored In each of the four preliminary round matches, the Canadians were on the board within the first five minutes.The Czechs also left the Canadians behind in the first period, marking the first time it happened in 2021 but when the horn sounded to end this opening frame , Canada was 2-0

“That was tough out there [The Czechs] fought really hard,” said head coach Andre Tourigny. “They obviously don’t have the depth and talent of other countries, but they have the heart and they play hard and it was hard to play against them”So much credit for her

“And on our side that was perfect I like that better We had to work hard and we had to get used to it and we had pressure We had to regroup at some point because maybe we were frustrated or, I’m not saying panic, but you’re pushing You’re frustrated, you need a good cause and it’s hard to get there We pushed a little bit It’s good to go through that World Juniors is adversity and today we had adversity and we got through it so I’m happy “

Dylan Cozens opened the scoring, taking a Chippass from Connor McMichael and defeating Nick Malik, son of ex-NHL player Marek Malik, for his seventh goal, which led the tournament. The Sabers prospect added a support to his score to increase to 13 in 2021 He is second behind the American Trevor Zegras, between the 2020 and 2021 editions, he now has 22 points and is the only sixth among the Canadians of all time in the World Juniors game

A little over three minutes later, Bowen Byram, wearing the “C” for that game, built Canada’s lead with his first tournament. The goal fell four seconds after a Canadian power play Connor McMichael had made everything but the goal , added a blank nicer

“It was a great game, we played hard for 60 minutes,” said Peyton Krebs. “It starts with our guides, [Cozens], he set the tone, he plays hard every shift and the rest of the guys follow the die Czechs played a great game and it was great fun. It was a playoff hockey game and we definitely answered well “

While the Czechs failed to score, they gave the Canadians everything they could. The third phase was particularly tight as the Czechs pushed a little harder and the Canadians stuck to the worst lead in ice hockey, but Devon Levi was once again solid on the net as he showed pinpoint positioning Saturday night was the busiest he has ever attended he turned 29 aside for his second shutout

“It was great fun to be busy during the first stage It really keeps you in the game,” said Levi, who had 12 shots in the frame (the Canadians only had eight) “It’s a different kind of game, isn’t it? It was a little harder to stay focused in previous games. I found this game to be easy to have fun and just go out and play, for sure”

Alex Newhook (torso) was a game-time decision but didn’t play for Canada He left the New Year’s Eve win over Finland in the second period Connor Zary, who had just signed an ELC with the Flames, centered Krebs and Cole Perfetti

Zary, who plays for Kamloops in the WHL, received some in-depth advice from Shane Doan, one of the team’s associates

“Something he told me is always ready, no matter the situation,” Zary said, noting that he speaks to the ex-NHLer a lot and that Doan suggested that he think of a few things that he thought can focus on the ice cream “Just make sure you are happy and satisfied with what you do every day. Every day there will be new challenges and new things, but you have to be with a smile on your face as well.” go out without regrets “

Well, Zary and his friends are sure to have a smile on their faces by now when they reach the semi-finals and see a familiar opponent.The Americans win means there will be a 2020 gold medal rematch with Russia and the Canadians will be looking for the same result

Sporting News had all the action when Canada knocked out the Czech Republic and guaranteed themselves a chance for a medal

9:28 pm – EN GOAL Three minutes to go, and the Canadians get the puck out Connor McMichael with the empty Netter sealed it Canada leads 3-0

9:26 pm – They pulled it again and after a whistle it reads 4:09 am and a faceoff deep in Canada’s zone

9:24 pm – With 5:36 in the regulation, the Czechs pulled their netminder and it seems to help give the team some energy – but no goal

9:21 pm – Scramble down the side of the net, but Levi makes the stop and then recovers to stop a shot from the top of the circles

9:17 pm – Nothing great happens again Canada has five shots at the two Czechs, with nine minutes left in the last frame

9:04 pm – Kaiden Guhle steps forward and beats Stanislav Svozil up and there is no call. By the way, Svozil is considered the top prospect for the 2021 draft

8:58 pm – The third period is underway and 11 seconds later, McMichael has a good chance but hits Nick Malik in the crest

8:40 pm – The second period ends and both teams now have 18 shots in the net Canada beat the Czechs 10: 6 in the middle frame

8:38 pm – After a turnover, Czech break in and Peyton Krebs break in with a fantastic backcheck to break the pass that would surely have resulted in a scoring chance in the slot

8:28 pm – Long with a rifle from the right circle, Levi makes the stop, although he has looked around

209 p.m. – In the middle of the second half, the Canadians have six shots at the Czechs

8:19 pm – Byram hits the crossbar Note: Byram was featured on Colorado’s training camp roster released on Saturday

8:16 pm – On the back check, Teply goes hard in Malik and he’s shaken but stuck in the game

8:07 pm – Justin Barron had a chance, but his shot went far when Malik leaned the other far down

8:06 pm – Not much consistency so far during this period Jamie Drysdale had the best chance for the Canadians on a slapshot from where Malik took his blocker for a corner

7:39 pm – Jan Mysak with a scoring chance from the right circle Then it’s Pavel Novak Czechs have 11 shots in the net It’s most of Levi’s seen in the first phase of a game and only the third picture, that he saw in two digits

7:27 pm – GOAL Just four seconds after the power play ended (and they got four shots on goal) Bowen Byram – can you say: does the line go when the circles are? – Fires the wrister from the right circle directly through the hole under Malik’s arm Byram is the first of the tournament Canada leads 2-0

7:24 pm – Raska takes a penalty and gives Canada its first power play of the game

7:23 pm – Looks like the captain called this that when he tweeted it about a minute outside Cozen’s goal

7:22 pm – TOR Connor McMichael with a chip over the Czech defense and Dylan Cozens on a runaway It looks like Malik has the puck in his glove, but it squeaks into the net Canada leads 1-0 / p>

7:17 pm – Braden Schneider takes a hard hit in the neutral zone from Adam Raska and doesn’t seem particularly comfortable on the bench

7:15 pm – Great shot of the trailer Simon Kubicek from the left circle that Levi stops

7:14 pm – Devon Levi faces a shot from the head and gives up a big rebound believing he has it in his chest but luckily no Czechs around

7:10 pm – Dylan Cozens all alone on the doorstep, but Nick Malik only makes the Save Canada is getting closer, even though the shot clock is on one

7:08 pm – Game on and within 15 seconds Canada gets its first solid chance when the puck slides between the Czech defender’s pads

6:29 pm – Alex Newhook is officially off the line-up. Looks like Nick Malik between the pipes for the Czechs

lines for Canada vs. Czech Republic: Alex Newhook (COL) in particular will not play for Canada tonight Czechs are also understaffed tonight BildTwittercom / 6jj5u8LHFi

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