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Montreal makes life difficult for the opponent with the extra player, and that is the reason for the 5v4 resurgence

We often view the power game as a clean phase of the game where crisp passes slide through open ice and players have time to settle down and think about their game.We face puck rotations, tic-tac-toe setups, and dangling that lead to top notch snipes

Well most of the time the power play is just as dirty as five on five.The controlled entries in the offensive zone don’t always work.The players have to chase the puck to get it back and maintain control of the team.There are preliminary checks in the power play and they require even more investment from the players as setting up an offensive zone presence is a must you don’t get a backcheck to create a theft and counterattack

All of this to say that in the past few games I think the Montreal Canadiens have got a better understanding of the dirty aspect of the power game, and when an entry fails, they stack up the puck side of the ice, creating multiple layers of support that does this it is very difficult for the other team to immediately turn the ice on and clear the puck as there are three or four Canadiens players between them and the blue line this forces the opposition to play a second game to get a clear result, which decreases their chances of success

On Shea Weber’s goal, the team telegraphs the entry and he fails Josh Anderson loses the puck on the wall, but the Habs collapsed on the canucks, clogging the alleyways, forcing them to their backhands, and undertaking the second and third Attempt to steal the property back

The top of the circle remains Weber’s comfort zone. The distance is too great for any other player to score a goal. But if Weber gets a pass there, he can tear it past the goalkeeper without the help of a screen

The defender has lost a bit of his touch with the power game and it is likely that he will be replaced by a more effective trigger man in the near future One who can move with the power game, create seams and reach them faster

But it was a good Wednesday evening (or Thursday morning) to remember the ridiculous bombs Weber can fire when the conditions are just right

Canadiens de montréal

World news – CA – The Canadiens’ hard work on the power game is paying off

Source: https://www.habseyesontheprize.com/2021/3/11/22324780/montreal-canadiens-hard-work-on-the-power-play-is-paying-off-shea-weber-goals-alex-burrows-habs