Carey Price stopped 23 of 24 shots and the Canadians’ offensive backed him up with a 5-1 win over the Canucks

VANCOUVER – After the Montreal Caniens drove so close that the Montreal Canadiens could see them in the rearview mirror, they grabbed the passing gear Wednesday night but instead shifted into reverse

They burned the transmission, set the engine on fire, and last saw their ride burn while standing lonely on the side of the road wishing they at least had thought about emptying the change compartment

And no, the Canadians didn’t stop helping them, they kept zooming in towards the horizon, honking their horns and laughing all the way

With the chance to move within one point behind the Canadians’ bumper in the North Division standings – apart from all the games in Montreal – the Canucks played a lemon and lost 5-1 at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver Played for over a month

The score was unfair; Montreal could have scored 10 goals and left Vancouver 38-11 with the same strength, but was robbed several times by Canuck’s goalkeeper Thatcher Demko

Let’s just say it was horrible. For the first six minutes of the game, played almost entirely in their zone, the Canucks iced the puck three times, gave it away at least as often, and owned it over the blue for exactly three seconds Line of Canadians – just long enough for Brock Boeser to make a bad pass

This was a recurring theme for Boeser and the Canucks. The next 54 minutes weren’t much better for Vancouver fans, except for those who especially love great goalkeepers

The Canadians Flew The Canucks Rushed in Almond Butter Have you ever tried to get this blade off a knife blade or a skate blade?

Travis Green reduced his team’s performance to two words and didn’t start any with an F: “Very bad”

Green then added more words: “We just had a lot of players who didn’t play very well. You have to be able to make a pass, you have to be able to move your feet I thought in the first stage we looked extremely slow And I didn’t think we passed the puck well all night We had simple passes that you should be able to make at a specific point in time that we didn’t do ”

Well a sales is sort of a pass it just goes to the other team The Canucks had a lot of these

Normally we’d call it an outlier, maybe even pass the Canucks because they had actually played well in the last 14 games – far better than their record showed. They had only had one bad night during that time: one 5-2 loss at Winnipeg nine days ago

But the unsettling part of Wednesday’s loss, and why we can’t just dismiss it, is that it was uncomfortably similar to the Canucks’ worst games in the first four weeks of the season, when the team was sloppy as to be uncompetitive to be

They failed to hit the puck, didn’t take zone exits when they could, didn’t play with speed or directness, abandoned a freighter with Grade A chances of scoring, including outliers, and got little from their best players and took too many penalties The only difference on Wednesday was Demko

For this reason, the Canucks’ home game on Saturday against the up-and-coming Edmonton Oilers, who have trampled everyone in the Canadian division with the exception of the Toronto Maple Leafs since January, already feels like some kind of truth serum

Has the Canucks rally ended from their 6-11-0 start? Are they returning to this team or was Wednesday a one-off and the Canucks will return to healthy, intelligent hockey and keep fighting their way back towards playoff racing?

“I think every team will have games like this,” said Demko after scoring 40 saves in one loss when he was probably the best player on both teams. “We got a couple of wins there and had tonight one night off But now it’s our job to make sure we get back to the way we played the last games before this game and that we don’t string a couple of losses so it’s our job to get back into the winning column return and do a solid performance against Edmonton ”

However, top center Elias Pettersson will miss his fifth game on Saturday with an unknown injury. His linemates Boeser and JT Miller was as poor as anyone on Wednesday

Boeser’s percentage of shots was 154 (4-22) and his expected goals were 67 percent (no, no digit is missing before the decimal place) Miller’s Corsi was 19 years old 4 percent (6-25) and xGF was 217 percent

“They were hungrier right from the start and outdid each other tonight,” said Boeser. “That was all that came with it. I think anyone in the room can say that they are not satisfied with this performance. We know how we play can and we have the expectation to play a lot better and we know our standard you know that is unacceptable “

Boeser scored the Canucks’ goal in a second power play. The Canucks were only 1-0 down after the first half despite knocking out 16-4, and were still 3-1 in the game before Jeff Petry and Phillip Danault scored goals seven minutes apart in the middle of the third half

“Am I surprised we didn’t play well?” Green said, “Yeah, I’m a little bit. But you’ll have games in the NHL that you don’t play well. Just because you play well for four or five weeks makes every game a new game. You’ll get stinkers. It’s by no means an excuse We had too many players who didn’t play well and we’re not a team that can bring a C or D game (and win) Not many teams in the NHL are. We deserved exactly what we got tonight ”

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