The judge overseeing the trial of a former Minneapolis police officer charged Monday on the death of George Floyd paused the jury selection for at least one day, with an appeal against the possible reinstatement of one Third degree murder charges are lodged

When hundreds of protesters gathered outside the courthouse to demand the conviction of Derek Chauvin, Judge Peter Cahill said he had no jurisdiction over whether to reintroduce the third degree murder charge against the former officer, Appeal while problem exists However, prosecutors’ arguments that the entire case would be affected are “skimpy” “

Cahill was planning to continue the process anyway, and initially decided that jury selection would begin as planned on Monday.After the prosecution requested the appeals court to postpone the case, the judge sent the potential jury home to Cahill for that day phoned a break to give the appeals court time to respond but planned to bring the attorneys back into the courtroom on Monday afternoon to deal with other matters

Chauvin charged with second degree murder and manslaughter in Floyd’s death The appeals court ordered Cahill last week to consider reintroducing a third degree murder charges he had dismissed, legal experts say reintroducing the charges will improve the chances of a conviction would

Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, said Monday he would ask the state Supreme Court to review the appeal decision and he has 30 days to seek an assessment

For the unintentional charge of second degree murder, prosecutors must prove that Chauvin’s behavior was a “major causal factor” in Floyd’s death and that Chauvin committed a crime at the time for third degree murder, they must prove that Chauvin’s actions Caused Floyd’s death and that his actions were reckless and without consideration for human life

Floyd was born on Jan. May be pronounced dead after the white chauvin pressed his knee against the black man’s handcuffed neck for about nine minutes and held his position even after Floyd’s limp Floyd’s death sometimes sparked violent protests in Minneapolis and beyond and led to a nationwide reckoning of the breed

Chauvin and three other officers were dismissed; The others are facing a trial in August on charges of aiding and abetting

Hundreds of people gathered in front of the courthouse at the beginning of the trial Many carried signs that read “Justice for George Floyd” and “Convict Killer Cops” “

A speaker picked up a microphone and declared the concrete barriers topped by chain link fences, barbed wire and barbed wire around the courthouse. DJ Hooker, 26, also derided talk of the chauvinist trial as the “trial of the century,” saying that The jury just has to “do the right thing” ”

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In the courtroom, Chauvin, in a blue suit and black mask, was watching attentively and making notes on a notepad. Bridgett Floyd, George Floyd’s sister and founder of the George Floyd Memorial Foundation, sat in the seat assigned to Floyd’s family, Nobody was present to support Chauvin

Once jury selection begins, it is expected to take at least three weeks as prosecutors and defense lawyers attempt to weed out people who may be biased against them

“You don’t want juries that are completely empty because that would mean they are out of tune with the world at all,” said Susan Gaertner, a former prosecutor. “But what you want are jurors who have opinions, which may have formed before entering the courtroom, put aside and allow both sides to have a fair hearing ”

Nelson had previously argued that the pre-judicial notice of the case and the subsequent violent civil unrest in Minneapolis would make it impossible to find an impartial jury in Hennepin County, but Cahill said last year that relocating the process was potentially polluting the problem of one Jury pools likely wouldn’t heal as “no corner of the state of Minnesota” was protected from pre-trial advertising

The potential jurors – who must be at least 18 years old, US. Hennepin County citizens and residents – received questionnaires to determine how much they heard about the case and whether they had formed an opinion.In addition to biographical and demographic information, the jury was asked after previous contacts with the police whether they objected to the brutality protested to the police and whether they consider the judicial system to be fair

Some of the questions will be specific, e.g. B. how many times a potential juror saw the viewer’s video of Floyd’s arrest or if he wore a sign at a protest and what that sign said

Mike Brandt, a local defense attorney, said prosecutors will likely seek jurors who have a positive opinion of the Black Lives Matter movement or who may be outraged about Floyd’s death, while Chauvin’s attorneys would likely prefer jurors who back the police

Unlike typical jury selection processes, potential jurors are interviewed individually rather than in a group.The judge, defense attorney, and prosecutor will be able to ask any questions.The defense can object to up to 15 potential jury members for no reason Prosecutors can block up to nine people for no reason. Either side can object to these compelling challenges if it believes the only reason a juror is disqualified is race or gender

Either side can also argue to dismiss an unlimited number of jurors “for cause,” which means they must give a reason why they believe jurors should not serve. These situations can lead to “tortured issues.” “Lead, said Brandt. It is up to the judge to decide whether a juror stays or leaves

He said even if a juror claims to have had negative interactions with the police or have negative views about Black Lives Matter, the key will be to find out if he can put those previous experiences or opinions aside and be fair can be

“We all respond with prejudice. The question is, can you put that prejudice aside and be fair in this case,” he said

The jury selection ends after 14 people have been selected – 12 jurors to deliberate the case and two alternates who do not attend deliberations unless necessary.The jury is escorted to the courthouse daily and during deliberations confiscated Your names will be treated confidentially until a further court order

The number of seats in the courtroom has been limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to maintain social distance and the seats for jurors have been distributed.Like others in the courtroom, jury members must wear masks

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