WTI crude is over $ 60 a barrel as winter weather and the pandemic recovery boost energy prices

Electric vehicle startup Lucid Motors could be getting closer to a Michael Klein-led SPAC deal to bring the California-based company public, according to Reuters The potential development let shares in blank check company Churchill Capital IV (CCIV) Rising more than 30% on Tuesday afternoon The stocks were stopped due to the volatility after the heading

Reports of a possible deal between Lucid and Churchill Capital IV have been circulating for about a month, prompting the SPV to issue a statement as early as January

The CCIV is up more than 400% year to date, with much of the gains coming from speculation about an agreement

The latest report on a potential deal would give Lucid Motors a valuation of $ 12 billion It would be one of the most recognizable SPAC electric vehicle deals since Nikola (NKLA) and Fisker (FSR) publicly debuted last year

Lucid Motors has been closely watched since it stepped into the luxury electric sedan space. The company’s CEO and CTO, Peter Rawlinson, was Tesla’s Chief Engineer (TSLA) for the Model S before joining Lucid Motors in 2013

Lucid Motors has set up its first US manufacturing facility in Casa Grande, Arizona. The company aims to meet production targets for its most expensive vehicle, the Air Dream Edition, this year

“I think it is really important that we occupy a high-end position as a real luxury brand. I firmly believe that the first product defines the brand as Tesla Model S defined Tesla as a brand”, Rawlinson told Yahoo Finance last October

Tesla analyst is optimistic about what the company is doing with its high-priced stock and increases target price to $ 550

WASHINGTON – A judge in Maryland on Tuesday struck down a number of motions in an attempt to undermine the case against a former Canadian Forces reservist who allegedly hoped to spark racial war in the United States, with just two of the motions on behalf alleged neo-Nazi Patrik Mathews – one to dismiss two of the four charges, the other to suppress his testimony – survived the day.His attorney, Joseph Balter, had hoped the court would agree to a series of wiretapping, E. – Suppress email and video evidence as investigators did not lack a sufficient likely reason for the collection. Balter also argued that much of the “hideous” hateful, anti-Semitic rhetoric Mathews uses in various videos, recordings, and online chats was through Freedom of expression can be protected However, the District Court judge Theodore Chuang was different Opinion “Mr Mathews’ main argument is that these discussions of racist views and ideologies are protected by the first amendment and should have been minimized,” said Chuang. “This argument fails. They provide evidence of the intent to engage in hate crimes, so that “Balter had also asked the court to allow his client to separate from his alleged co-conspirator Brian Lemley Jr To stand trial on the grounds that some of the evidence against Lemley may be detrimental to Mathews and that Balter may want to call him as a witness. Chuang also denied that motion, insisting that the two cases were “properly linked” as the The men’s charges were intertwined and the risk of prejudice could be addressed in court. Mathews, a former combat engineer, disappeared from Beausejour, Man, in 2019 after media reports claiming he was a recruiter for a white supremacist group called The Base He was arrested along with Lemley and William Bilbrough in January 2020 as part of a wider FBI investigation into the group, prosecutors allege the three were part of an elaborate conspiracy by the white supremacists to start a US Racial War You accuse Mathews of campaigning to kill people, poison water supplies and derail trains to start civil war, create a white “ethno-state”, and plan a pro-gun rally Forcibly disturbing in Virginia Mathews faces four charges, including two charges of being an alien in possession of a firearm and two charges of transporting a firearm across state lines in order to commit a crime. Balter wants two of those charges with On the grounds that they were “multiple,” meaning that Mathews was in fact charged twice on the same alleged crime, he argued that Chuang chose to keep a verdict on that motion and said he would be at the next evidence hearing consider whether certain statements should be suppressed – they violate Mathews’ right to blame himself, argued Balter During his argument, Balter also insisted that in their eagerness to target grassroots members for a hate crime, investigators had exceeded their limits and violated his client’s right to freedom of expression. The “hideous” nature of the discussions documented by investigators clearly deserved one Investigation, Balter said – but they stopped being criminals “The kind of statements that were made, the beliefs that were advocated, advocacy for violence would make many, many people very concerned,” Balter admitted ” And there was certainly reason for the agent to be concerned and maybe to investigate whether the noise was more or not but that’s really as far as it went. “Lemley’s attorney, Ned Smock, made a similar argument, noting that a sneaking camera and microphones shouldn’t have been necessary considering how easily the group of one should have been Undercover agents had been infiltrated by US. The law permits such extraordinary efforts to gather evidence only when all other avenues have been tried and no other reasonable options exist. Even a reporter from the Winnipeg Free Press whose original work exposed Mathews and prompted an investigation into the Canadian armed forces who was able to get into the group, remarked Smock “A member of the Canadian press who, to my knowledge, had no significant training in undercover work, was accepted into the organization,” he said, “All of this information could have been obtained by going the way They went on what is undercover “The central tenet of the defense’s argument is that the various district and judges who issued the search warrants – all six; four in Maryland and two in Delaware – have made serious legal errors, said Assistant US. Attorney Thomas Windom “So six different federal judicial officers were wrong?” Windom said, “It’s not just one judicial officer, two judicial officers – it’s six and I think the structure of this investigation shows the agents’ good faith,” Bilbrough pleaded guilty to two charges in December, including transporting a foreigner, and admitted In his consent form to be a grassroots member, he was sentenced to five years in prison. This report by The Canadian Press was first published on February 16, 2021 by James McCarten, the Canadian Press

Esohe Omoruyi Esohe Omoruyi joins Knoll, Inc as Executive Vice President of Consumer & Digital Commerce EAST GREENVILLE, PA, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Knoll, Inc (NYSE: KNL), a constellation of design-driven brands and people who work personally and digitally with customers to create inspired modern interiors for workplaces and homes, today announced the appointment of Esohe Omoruyi as Executive Vice President of Consumer & Digital Commerce and reports to Andrew Cogan, Chairman and CEO In this new role she will be responsible for strategies in the areas of e-commerce, digital and mobile as well as stationary activities as well as for aligning the data and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms for the company’s branding constellation, including Knoll, Fully, in charge, HOLLY HUNT and Muuto Mr. Cogan said, “Esohe is a consumer-centric digital leader with a wealth of experience promoting direct customer business in the US as well as in Europe Your fluency in digital marketing, digital product innovation and customer loyalty is in line with our ongoing initiatives to build our omnichannel residential and consumer brands. “MS Omoruyi comes from Facebook, Inc At Knoll, there she worked as International Integrated Marketing Director and built integrated app-related marketing campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. Prior to this, she was Senior Vice President at L’Oreal, an international beauty company that produces worldwide leading digital products and innovations in all product , Brand and division categories headed on 10 February, Knoll reported its 2020 and fourth quarter financial results. During the fourth quarter, the company saw a steady acceleration in both its home-from-home (WFH) e-commerce operations and its residential brands and channels via Knoll Knoll, Inc is a constellation of design-oriented brands and people who work personally and digitally with our customers to create inspired modern interiors Our internationally recognized portfolio includes furniture, textiles, leather, accessories as well as architectural and acoustic elements Our brands – Knoll Office, KnollStudio, KnollTextiles, KnollExtra, Spinneybeck | FilzFelt, Edelman Leather, HOLLY HUNT, DatesWeiser, Muuto and Fully – reflect our commitment to modern design that meets the diverse requirements of high-performance workplaces, home work and luxury living spaces. A recipient of the National Design Award for entrepreneurial and institutional achievements from Smithsonian’s Cooper -Hewitt, National Design Museum, Knoll, Inc is aligned with the US The Green Building Council and Canadian Green Building Council can help organizations achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.Our products can also help customers comply with the International Living Future Institute to meet the Living Building Challenge- To get certification, and the International WELL Building Institute to get WELL Building certification Knoll, Inc is a founding sponsor of the Modernism at Risk program of the World Monuments Fund Investor contacts: Charles Rayfield Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Tel 215 679-1703crayfield @ knollcom Media: David E. BrightSenior Vice President, CommunicationsTel 212 343-4135dbright @ knollcom For a photo accompanying this announcement, please visit https: // wwwglobenewswirecom / NewsRoom / AttachmentNg / 19bb541f-af4d-444e-97d1-5da710e9b4c8

OCEAN ISLE BEACH, NC. – A winter storm that left millions of people out of power in record-breaking cold weather left more deaths Tuesday, including three deaths after a tornado hit a coastal North Carolina city and four family members killed in a house fire in the area of Houston Killed a Fireplace to Stay Warm The storm that overwhelmed the power grids and immobilized the southern plains brought heavy snow and freezing rain into New England and the deep south, leaving painfully low temperatures and wind-chill warnings stretched from Canada to Mexico from a total of at least 15 deaths have been reported, with other causes including car accidents and carbon monoxide poisoning The weather also threatened to affect the country’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts, President Joe Biden’s administration said delays in vaccine delivery and delivery were likely north Carolinas Brunswick Cou nty had little knowledge of the dangerous weather and a tornado warning was not issued until the storm was already on the ground. The National Weather Service was “very surprised at how quickly this storm worsened and at night when most people were at home and being in bed creates a very dangerous situation, “said Ed Conrow, director of emergency services in Chicago, a foot and a half of fresh snow forced public schools to cancel personal lessons for Tuesday. Hours earlier, cross-country skier Sam Fagg met on the normally mild Gulf of Mexico on Galveston Beach, Texas, on fresh powder The Worst US. Texas has experienced power outages affecting more than 4 million homes and businesses, more than 250000 people also lost power in parts of Appalachia, and a further quarter of a million were without Stromus following an ice storm in northwest Oregon, following a power outage tracking utility company outage reports. Four million people lost power in Mexico. Texas officials called for 60 generators at Federal Emergency Management Agency and planned to give priority to hospitals and nursing homes The state opened 35 accommodations for more than 1000 residents, the agency said More than 500 people sought solace at a Houston animal shelter Mayor Sylvester Turner said other heat centers had to close because they lost power. Utilities from Minnesota to Texas carried out rolling blackouts to ease the strain on electricity grids To Reduce and Meet Extreme Heat and Power Needs, more than an hour’s power outages began Tuesday morning for Oklahoma City and more than a dozen other communities, stopping electric space heaters, stoves, and lights while temperatures fluctuated minus 8 degrees in Oklahoma Gas & Electric suspended plans for further blackouts, but urged users to set thermostats to 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), avoid using larger electrical appliances, and turn off lights or devices that they don’t use Nebraska’s blackouts occurred amid Nebraska of the k Oldest Weather Ever Recorded: In Omaha, the temperature hit an overnight low of 23 degrees below zero (minus 30 degrees Celsius), the coldest in 25 years The Southwest Power Pool, a group of utilities in 14 states, said, the blackouts were “a last resort to ensure the reliability of the entire electrical system.” The outages forced one county in Texas to have more than 8Administering 000 doses of Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine after a public health facility lost power early Monday and the backup generator also failed, “said Rafael Lemaitre, a spokesperson for Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo district officials divided the doses into three Hospitals, Rice University, and County Jail, as those places had large groups of people who did not have to drive and had appropriate medical staff. “It feels great, I’m very grateful,” said Harry Golen, a student at second year, who waited nearly four hours with his friends, much of it in the cold.He was among the last people to take pictures that otherwise wouldn’t have reached students until March or April, officials from Texas said more than 400000 additional doses now due won’t arrive until Wednesday because of the storm The Wilmington, North Carolina weather service office dispatched a team to confirm a tornado did indeed land and to investigate damage in Brunswick County , said Mark Willis, the meteorologist in charge of the Office Three people died and ten were injured when the apparent tornado broke through a golf course community and other rural area and destroyed dozens of homes just before midnight on Monday, Sharon Benson, 63, said her roof was damaged and her garage door was blown away. The windows were broken and nearby trees uprooted. “The sky lit up and there was a lot of pop-pop-popping” and thunder, she said authorities in several states reported deaths in accidents on icy roads, including two People whose vehicle slipped off a road and on a waterway in Kentuc on Sunday ky fell over, state police said in Texas, three young children and their grandmother died in the Houston area fire that likely started when they used a fireplace to keep warm during a power outage, a firefighter told at least 13 children were treated for carbon monoxide poisoning at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, the hospital said on a social media post warning that families with propane or diesel engines would “take extreme measures to warm their homes” and Generators as well as gas stoves and hobs One parent died from the toxic fumes, pediatrician Phillip Scott told Fort Worth television station KTVT Other deaths in Texas included a woman and a girl who were suspected of carbon monoxide poisoning in a Houston home with no electricity Cars driving in an attached garage died, as well as two men who died on streets i n near Houston and likely to die in sub-zero temperatures, law enforcement officials said a 10-year-old boy died in West Tennessee after falling into an ice-covered pond during a winter storm on Sunday several cities have had record lows: Minnesota, the Hibbing / Chisholm weather station recorded minus 39 degrees Celsius Sioux Falls, South Dakota, fell to minus 26 degrees Celsius Air traffic was also affected more than 2 noon700 US. Flights were canceled, led by more than 800 at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and more than 700 at Bush Intercontinental in Houston Authorities asked residents to stay at home on Tuesday.Around 100 school systems were closed, opening delayed, or given to distant classes in Alabama moved, where forecasters said conditions may not improve until temperatures rise above freezing Wednesday afternoon ___ Associated Press staff in the US contributed to this report Bryan Anderson, The Associated Press

The investments were made public in a filing listing Berkshires USListed stocks as of Dec. 31 Berkshire also announced a new $ 499 million stake in professional services company Marsh & McLennan Cos

Timmins Company Welcomes Customers Again as Orders for the Porcupine Health Unit Region soared Feb. 16, Timmins Joined Orange – Restrict Tier Of Ontario’s COVID-19 Response Framework Most Companies Are Allowed To Reopen With Existing COVID-19 Restrictions Mike Young, the owner of Altered Reality, said it felt “fantastic”, to reopen the store and many people are “relieved” to shop in the store “It’s nice to see faces again. I’ve spent a lot of time alone in the store, organizing and cleaning, and it’s just nice to be with someone other than to be able to speak to me, ”he said with a laugh. According to provincial restrictions, the stores are limited to 25 percent of capacity. For Young’s store, this means that 15 customers have access at the same time that you have a place like Walmart. You can still buy underwear and socks, but the downtown clothing store can’t open, ”he said,“ For me m eight it doesn’t make sense “Young said the impact of the pandemic has been negative as the company will lose thousands of dollars if it closes Linda Pran, owner of QT Nails Timmins, said the recent shutdown has depressed her as her business Losing customer She had two customers today and no more bookings for the rest of the week Her clientele is mostly older adults as young people go to the mall or other nail salons, said Pran. The only person running the business, she said, she wants to hire more people but the salon doesn’t have enough customers for staff Pran, who has been in the business for 18 years, said she tried to apply for government funding but didn’t qualify “We have to survive With the lockdown, I am so worried and nervous because I don’t have the money to pay the mortgage and I don’t have the money to eat, “she said,” I’m lucky That a friend who lent me money would support me If not, I would die The government didn’t give me any money Timmins Square also opened its doors on Tuesday, and each store has individual hours of operation. Imagine if Cinemas Cinema 6 is on Opened Friday February 19 movie-goers are encouraged to buy tickets online as only 50 people are allowed in the building Mount Jamieson Resort will reopen for skiing on Friday The underground park is also open on Saturdays and time slots must be booked in advance To learn more about what the Orange Level means for Timmins, read the story here Dariya Baiguzhiyeva, reporter for Local Journalism Initiative, TimminsTodaycom

Newly appointed White House National Climate Advisor Gina McCarthy speaks with Rick Newman of Yahoo Finance on President Biden’s progress on clean energy and climate policy

Caleres (NYSE: CAL) announced today that it plans to post its fourth quarter and year-end financial results after market close on Tuesday, March 16 March 2021, to release Company executives will host a conference call for financial analysts at 5:00 p.m. Eastern time that day to discuss quarterly results and provide a general business update
Washington, DC, Feb. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – NeighborWorks America recognizes the “unsung heroes” who help communities rise to challenges and find a new path on Feb. 16, NeighborWorks America honored six people with the annual Dorothy Richardson Award for Resident Leadership. The winners represent Houston, Texas; Syracuse, New York; Roseburg, Oregon; Washington, D.C; and Lincoln, Nebraska The Dorothy Richardson Awards ceremony, traditionally held this fall, kicks off with a weekend of activities and events specifically designed to train and nurture local teams of residents who have come together to learn how to challenge Resident in their communities identified by NeighborWorks network organizations as local community leaders participate with their local policy and government peers to strengthen leadership and exposure to new concepts and solutions. CLI teams also receive seed capital with whose help the teams can implement the action plans developed during the training Dorothy Mae Richardson, a Pittsburgh-based pioneer of the community development movement, is the namesake for this prestigious award Richardson has the residents of their marginalized quarter cent Brought ral Northside to fight for the resources they need to save their homes and community without formal community development training She brought regulators, elected officials, bankers, and affordable housing attorneys to the table to try Solving the Problems Her work led to the creation of Neighborhood Housing Services in Pittsburgh, which became the National Model for NeighborWorks America, founded in 1978. “For more than 20 years, NeighborWorks has given the Dorothy Richardson Award for Resident Leadership in recognition of outstanding leadership that have had a positive impact on their communities, “said Paul Singh, vice president of community initiatives at NeighborWorks America.” The award underscores the critical role neighbors play in strengthening and connecting their communities. The awardees identify challenges that their communities face, u nd then pull people together to address them – often through creative and bold solutions ABOUT THE HONORS: Freshman Vanesa Medrano (Houston, Texas) founded the community organization Millennialz Youth Fest to create a positive space for young people to socialize and festivals can organize Learn life, school and career skills; and play an active role in shaping their community’s culture Vanesa and her colleagues developed a technology education program called The Neighborhood Techub, which aims to develop computer technology skills among students and connect them with mentors for NeighborWorks network member Avenue CDC Engaging Young Leaders Like Vanesa to Build Stronger Neighborhoods Is Important Rasheada Caldwell (Syracuse, New York) founded Let Me Be Great # 44 in 2018 to honor the memory of her beloved son Rasheed Baker, his mother borrowed one Sentence Rasheed often used: “Make me be great,” and founded the program to inspire and empower the youth in Syracuse to dream big and live fully. Through the program, Rasheada hopes to stop violence in the city reduce and involve children who are at risk of falling behind in school Figuring out what each young participant wants and needs to achieve their unique size Rasheada serves on the board of directors of NeighborWorks network member Home HeadQuarters Tasha Oliverson (Roseburg, Oregon) has helped create a safe space for LGBTQ youth in Roseburg , a small town in the Umpqua River Valley in southern Oregon.In 2018, Tasha started the first PFLAG chapter in Roseburg, the first and largest organization for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), their parents and families In the same year, Tasha was part of the committee that planned and hosted the first Pride event in Roseburg. At Umpqua Community College, where Tasha studies Human Services, she became president of the Queer Students Advocacy (QSA) club on the campus Tasha calls in frequently volunteered at NeighborWorks Umpqua and was selected by them to attend NeighborWorks America’s Community Leadership Institute where si e has learned key leadership skills that will help her work with the LGBTQ community. When Evelyn Harrison (Washington, DC) learned that her home in southeast Washington, DC, was sold, she was shocked at Worthington Woods is a garden-style community with 394 units and 48 buildings in 145 acres, in Ward 8, a fast growing area of ​​the district with the building for sale, residents had to act quickly to exercise their rights under the District of Columbia Lease Act. Evelyn only had 60 days to to found the tenants’ association She took over the reins and was elected president of the association’s board of directors.The NeighborWorks network member, Montgomery Housing Partnership, wanted to partner with the board to buy the apartment building, renovate it and keep it affordable for residents Tim Rinne and Kay Walter (Lincoln, Nebraska ) launched an urban gardening movement in their Hawley neighborhood in an area classified as a food wasteland, the couple devised a plan to improve access to fresh, healthy produce while finding a way to bring neighbors closer together.Since 2010, Tim and Kay have the only garden on the block and are now gardening with 20 of their neighbors Tim and Kay say it is their connection with NeighborWorks that inspired their hard work and financial investment in the Hawley Hamlet last summer the campaign slumped “Mowing to Growing” by NeighborWorks Lincoln Inspired by Their Work The campaign encouraged Lincoln residents to grow some of their own food with the aim of making the community more food safe. About NeighborWorks America For more than 40 years, Neighborhood Reinvestment Corp., a national, non-partisan, not-for-profit organization called NeighborWorks America, has worked to make every community a place of opportunity. Our competency network includes nearly 240 members in all states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, NeighborWorks America provides as the leading trainer of professionals Housing and Community Development Grants, Peer Exchange, Technical Assistance, Assessment Tools, and Access to Training NeighborWorks’ network organizations provide affordable homes to their community to own and rent Financial advice and coaching; Community building through engagement of residents; and health, employment, and education collaboration CONTACT: Lindsay Moore NeighborWorks America 2027604059 lmoore @ nworg

HEXO (NYSE: HEXO) announced Tuesday that it is acquiring a comparable company, Zenabis Global (OTC: ZBISF), which will not be the marijuana industry’s first, and likely not the last, acquisition in 2021 The price is Canadian $ 235 million ($ 186 million) paid in full in HEXO shares. Specifically, Zenabis shareholders will receive nearly 002 of one HEXO share for every Zenabis share they own

Spruce Point Capital Management, LLC (“Spruce Point” or “we” or “us”), a New York-based investment management firm focused on forensic research and short selling, today released a detailed report entitled “Detecting” published A Major Cover-Up That Threatened Earnings and Global Public Safety, “which sets out why shares of Leidos Holdings, Inc (NYSE: LDOS) (” Leidos “or the” Company “), a S&P 500 Companies Up to 60% Downside Risk Download or view the report at SprucePointCapcom and follow us on Twitter @SprucePointCap for additional information and exclusive updates

RUTHERFORD, N.J, Feb 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Cancer Genetics, Inc (the “Company”) (Nasdaq: CGIX), a leader in drug discovery, preclinical oncology, and immuno-oncology, today announced the completion of its previously announced registered direct offering with multiple healthcare institutional investors from 2777778 common shares of known stock at a purchase price of $ 6 30 per share at market price under Nasdaq rules. The gross proceeds of the offering to the company were approximately $ 17.5 million, net of finding agency fees and offering costs H.C. Wainwright & Co acted as the exclusive agent for the Offer, the Company currently intends to use the net proceeds from the Offer for general corporate purposes, including working capital and investments.The net proceeds are also expected to be available to the combined company once the previously announced merger with StemoniX, which Subject to shareholder approval The shares described above were offered by the Company pursuant to a “Regal” registration statement on Form S-3 (file number 333-239497) on April 26, 2017 Filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on June 21, 2020 Declared effective July 2020 The offer of the securities described herein was only made by means of a prospectus, including a prospectus addendum, which is part of the effective registration statement.A final prospectus addendum and an associated prospectus for the securities offered have been filed with the SEC.Electronic copies of the final prospectus addendum and The related prospectus is available on the SEC’s website at http://www.sekGovernment or by contacting H.C. Wainwright & Co, LLC, 430 Park Avenue, 3rd Stock, New York, NY 10022 by calling (646) 975-6996 or emailing placements @ hcwcocom This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy any securities, nor is a sale the securities in any state where such offer, solicitation, or sale prior to registration or qualification would be unlawful under the securities laws of such state. About Cancer Genetics, Inc Cancer Genetics, through its vivoPharm subsidiary, offers proprietary preclinical testing systems that support drug discovery programs valued by the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology companies, and academic research centers.The company focuses on precision and translational medicine to advance drug discovery towards novel and misappropriated therapies, vivoPharm specializes in the Conducting studies tailored to drug development They start with compound libraries and end with a comprehensive set of in vitro and in vivo data and reports required for new drug submissions. VivoPharm is available from the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International (AAALAC ) accredited and GLP-compliant audited organization For more information, please visit wwwKrebsgenetikcom Forward-Looking Statements This press release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements about Cancer Genetics, IncThe expectations regarding future financial and / or operating results, the intended use of the net proceeds from the registered direct offering, the potential for our tests and services, and future revenue or growth in this press release are forward-looking statements and any statements that are not historical facts (including, but not limited to, statements that contain words such as “will,” “believes,” “plans,” “anticipates,” “expects,” “estimates”) should also be considered forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements involve risks and Uncertainties, including but not limited to risks associated with our ability to meet any closing conditions for the merger with StemoniX, Inc Our funding attempts, including funding terms and Nasdaq listing requirements, to adapt to the global coronavirus pandemic, achieve profitability by increasing sales of our preclinical services, maintain our existing customer base and avoid terminating customer contracts or To discontinue studies, raise capital Meet our liquidity needs, market and other conditions, evaluate strategic options and other risks identified in Cancer Genetics, Inc Form 10-K for the 31 Fiscal year ending December 30, 2019, Form 10-Q for Quarter ending September 2020 and Form S-4 filed on Jan. October 2020, changed on 8 February 2021, along with other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.These forward-looking statements speak only as of the date of this agreement with Cancer Genetics, Inc disclaims any obligation to update these forward-looking statements Investor contacts: Jennifer K Zimmer’s PhDInvestor RelationsZimmons International Communications, IncEmail: jzimmons @ zimmonsiccomPhone: 19172143514

CALGARY – CWA Canada Media Union Says Comedy Educators in The Second City, Canada and the US have applied for union certification The Ontario Labor Relations Board is expected to hold a formal vote on electronic union certification next week in Canada After an “overwhelming majority” of nearly 100 educators at the Toronto training center signed union cards, the union said over 200 workers in Chicago and Los Angeles have also applied for certification from the US National Labor Relations Board, but that process will take weeks or months as the NLRB requires postal ballot papers. Last spring, Andrew Alexander, co-owner and CEO of Second City, said he would resign after a former performer made allegations of racism against the comedy institution, Loud CWA Canada unites workers in the three cities to ensure fair working conditions and health and accessibility, diversity and inclusivity, fair pay and reasonable employment conditions, in addition to the main stage theaters in Chicago and Toronto, Second City’s assets include longstanding comedy -School, film school, and division that generates revenue by providing online education and training to customers “A union at The Second City Training Center will go a long way in creating more than just a work environment for our instructors but also the learning environment for our students, who depend on a safe, accessible place to learn and clear communication channels “said Paul Bates, a member of the Toronto Organizing Committee, in the CWA press release Second City was an early training ground for Saturday Night Live players, including John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, Gilda Radner and Chris Redd, among other comedy stars The company produced the SCTV television series in the 1970s and 1980s, and CWA Canada is the only all-media union in the country and represents 6000 workers at CBC, The Canadian Press, APTN, Newspapers and Other Businesses This report by The Canadian Press was first published on February 16, 2021 The Canadian Press

CLEVELAND – The black owner of 14 McDonald’s franchises says the company has given white owners cheaper treatment and denied them the opportunity to buy restaurants in more affluent communities This emerges from a civil rights lawsuit filed in Federal Court in Youngstown on Tuesday, a lawsuit filed by Herbert Washington, a former Michigan State University track star who played two seasons with the Oakland Athletics in the mid-1970s, alleged that the Chicago-based resident’s discriminatory practices Company to a sales gap of 700US $ 000 between Black-owned franchises and white-owned franchises in low-income areas cost more to operate, have higher turnover, and are not as profitable, the lawsuit states, “Due to descent black owner in the oldest stores in the toughest neighborhoods, McDonald’s made sure that black franchisees would never achieve the success that white franchisees could expect, “the lawsuit said.” Black franchisees have to spend more to run their businesses while whites Franchisees get the most out of their jobs “More than 50 former Black McDonald’s franchisees filed similar claims to Washington in a lawsuit filed against the company in September, saying they had been forced to commit around 200 deals over the past decade sell during a video press conference on Tuesday Washington said he had battled a two-tier system since buying his first franchise in Rochester, New York 40 years ago, Washington once owned 27 restaurants and said he was forced by McDonald’s to switch seven stores to whites in recent years Owner For Sale He now owns 12 restaurants in northeast Ohio and two in Pennsylvania Blaming his advocacy on behalf of the owners of Black McDonald’s for his problems with the company “McDonald’s made me die,” Washington said. “The arches are in McDonald’s issued a statement Tuesday denying Washington’s allegations The company said Washington was facing “business challenges” that the company “made significant investments in” and offered it several opportunities over several years to address these issues “This situation is the result of many years nger mismanagement by mr”Washington, whose organization has failed to meet many of our standards for people, operations, guest satisfaction and reinvestment,” the statement reads. According to the lawsuit, the number of Black McDonald’s franchisees in the US. has fallen from 377 in 1998 to 186 today The company replied that the total number of its US. The number of restaurants is around 12500 at the end of 1998 to 14 today000 increased The percentage of black-owned businesses is largely unchanged, Washington said he had always hoped McDonald’s would change its culture and create parity between black and white franchise owners, saying the company recently gave him $ 6 a day for each of its own Franchisees Offered to Fill the Sales Void “I can’t even buy a happy meal with that help,” he said. “You don’t want a guy like me I’m telling the truthMark Gillispie, The Associated Press

In their most recent 13F statement, Berkshire Hathaway reported on new stakes in Chevron and Verizon. Yahoo Finance’s Julia La Roche has joined Yahoo Finance Live to break down the details

TORONTO, CHICAGO and MONTREAL, Feb 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc (the “Company” or “Medexus”) (TSXV: MDP) (OTCQX: MEDXF) (Frankfurt: P731) announced today that it will be virtual at the Winter Wonderland Conference hosted by the MicroCap Rodeo on April 16 February will take place – 19 Ken d’Entremont, Chief Executive Officer, and Roland Boivin, Chief Financial Officer of Medexus, are expected to be on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 Presenting February 2021 at 9:30 a.m. Eastern Time The presentation will be streamed live on the Internet and can be viewed here One-to-one conversations will be held via video conference throughout the conference. Via Medexus Pharmaceuticals Inc Medexus is a leading innovator in rare diseases with a strong North American trading platform. Building on proven world-class products, we are building a highly differentiated company with a portfolio of innovative, high-quality orphan disease and rare disease products that will support our growth for the next decade The company’s vision is to provide the best healthcare products to healthcare professionals and patients through our core values ​​of quality, innovation, customer service and teamwork. Medexus Pharmaceuticals focuses on the therapeutic areas of autoimmune diseases, hematology and allergies. The company’s leading products are: Rasuvo ™ and Metoject®, a unique formulation of methotrexate (car pen and pre-filled syringe) for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases; IXINITY®, an intravenous recombinant factor IX therapeutic for use in patients 12 years of age and older with haemophilia B – an inherited bleeding disorder characterized by a lack of coagulation factor IX in the blood, which is needed to control bleeding; and Rupall®, an innovative prescription allergy drug with a unique mode of action. For more information, please contact: Ken d’Entremont, Chief Executive Officer of Medexus Pharmaceuticals IncTel: 905-676-0003 Email: kendentremont @ medexuscom Roland Boivin, CFO Medexus Pharmaceuticals IncTel: 514-344-8765 Email: rolandboivin @ medexuscom Investor Relations (US.): Crescendo Communications, LLC Tel: 1-212-671-1020 Email: mdp @ crescendo-ircom Investor Relations (Canada): Tina Byers Adelaide Capital Tel: 905-330-3275 Email: tina @ adcapca Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its regulatory services provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this press release

PAOLI, Pa, Feb 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Malvern Bancorp, Inc (NASDAQ: MLVF) (the “Company”), the parent company of Malvern Bank, National Association, today announced an additional impairment charge in respect of a previously announced impaired commercial real estate loan, as disclosed in the Company’s Annual Report on Form 10-K, which was filed on Jan. Filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 1, 2021 (the “10-K”), the company has partially charged $ 13.5 million commercial real estate loans in New York City (the “Loan”) and upgraded the loan as of January 30, 2021 September 2020 as “not accrued”. The partial encumbrance, as stated in the 10-K, amounted to approximately USD 29 million and resulted in a specific reserve of approx 581$ 000 pending third party appraisal As stated in the 10-K, further depreciation of the loan could be warranted after receiving the appraisal report.After submitting the 10-K, the company received a third party appraisal report dated Nov. February 2021, which contains a collateral value that is significantly lower than that previously received by the company as of The estimate reported by the Company on September 30, 2020 is and indicates an additional $ 3 million in impairment.The deviation from the company’s previously reported estimate is primarily due to the impact and shift of the COVID-19 pandemic to the New York real estate market due to the third party assessment and ensuing result For impairment losses, the company has decided to add an additional $ 3 million in loan loss provision EUR for the three months ending on the 30th September 2020 Accordingly, the company plans to change and adapt the 10-K Therefore, investors should no longer rely on the consolidated financial statements contained in the 10-K. The increase in loan loss provisions reduces the company’s net income for the year ended December 30 Quarter ending September 2020 from a previously reported net loss of 546$ 000 or $ 0.07 per diluted share on a net loss of $ 3.5 million or $ 046 per diluted share for the period ended December 30th Fiscal year ending September 2020, the company’s net income will decrease from $ 36 million, or $ 047 per fully diluted share, as previously reported, to 644$ 000 or $ 008 per fully diluted share The company is in the process of changing and adjusting its 10-K and is also in the process of finalizing its first quarterly report on Form 10-Q for March 31 December 2020 ending quarter (the “10-Q”) to be completed The 10-Q will be delayed when the company prepares its customized 10-K / A About Malvern Bancorp, Inc Malvern Bancorp, Inc is the holding company of Malvern Bank, National Association, an institution originally organized as a state-chartered savings bank in 1887. Malvern Bank, National Association, is now one of the oldest banks headquartered on the Philadelphia Main Line for more than a century Malvern Bank for helping people build thriving communities as trusted financial partners and for building lasting relationships through teamwork, respect and integrity. Malvern Bank operates from its headquarters in Paoli, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, and through its nine other banking locations in the Counties of Chester and Delaware, Pennsylvania, Morristown, New Jersey, its regional headquarters in New Jersey and Palm Beach, Florida The bank also has representative offices in Wellington, Florida, Quakertown and Allentown, Pa. The bank’s main niche is its customers Providing a Personalized Service Malvern Bank, through its Private Banking division and a strategic partnership with Bell Rock Capital of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, provides personalized investment advisory services to individuals, families, corporations and nonprofits. These services include banking, liquidity management, securities services, 401 ( k) Accounts and Planning, Custody, Custom Lending, Wealth Planning, Fiduciary and Fiduciary Services, Family Wealth Advisory Services, and Philanthropic Advisory Services The bank provides insurance services through Malvern Insurance Associates, LLC, which offers a wide range of financial services to its clients, including commercial and personal insurance, and commercial and personal loans Learn more about Malvern Bancorp, IncPlease visit our website at http: // irmalvernbancorpcom For information on Malvern Bank, National Association, please visit our website at http: // wwwMymalvernbankcom Forward-Looking Statements As used in this press release or in other public communications or communications from shareholders, or in oral statements Given with the consent of an authorized officer, the words or expressions “likely will result”, “will likely”, “will continue”, “is expected”, “estimate”, “project”, “believe”, “should” “May”, “will”, “plan” or variations of such terms or similar expressions are intended to identify “forward” -looking statements “within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Such forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and forward-looking statements other factors that could cause our actual results to be material These statements are subject to certain risks and uncertainties, including changes in economic conditions in the areas of the market in which we do business, which could materially affect the development of credit quality Changes in laws, regulations or guidelines from regulatory authorities; Interest rate fluctuations; Demand for credit in the market areas in which we do business; and competition, which could cause actual results to differ materially from historical and currently expected or projected results. We caution readers not to place undue reliance on such forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date of this publication. We do not assume any Commitment to publicly announce the result of changes made to any forward-looking statement to reflect events or circumstances after the date of such statements or to reflect the occurrence of expected or unexpected events Investor Contacts: Joseph D GangemiCorporate Investor Relations610-695-3676 Investor Relations Contact: Ronald Morales610-695-3646


World News – CA – CCIV stock climbs 30% after reports it is approaching Lucid Motors deal

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