It seems like a few months ago some of my Twitter friends complained that films are now too long. A three and a half hour film is just too much, they said As a “Lord of the Rings” fan, I have used me for longer periods of course

In high school, my band director actually had a lock-in in the band room and projected all three “Lord of the Rings” movies (expanded editions) on the wall for us to enjoy. I Survived Long movies have their place , but “Cherry” showed me that such runtimes should be rare

The latest offering from brothers Anthony and Joe Russo has restored my confidence in the value of films that don’t exceed their greetings

If you’ve checked out the premise of the wikipedia page of the film prior to its official release today on Apple TV, you saw, “An Army medic with PTSD becomes addicted to opioids and starts robbing banks in order for the addiction too.” pay “

I didn’t watch any trailers for “Cherry” and just went in with that premise Given that round-up, I expected this movie to have some heist element in it, but it doesn’t because Tom Holland’s character Cherry isn’t smart enough to be smart enough to be anything other than planning a very simple bank robbery I mean, “Fun With Dick and Jane” had a smarter bank robbery scene. Coincidentally, I enjoyed this movie more than this one

Of course, in this job as a film columnist, I’m learning more and more that just because I don’t like a movie doesn’t mean it is objectively terrible in every way

“Cherry” has some really creative cinematography The Russo brothers really got their hands dirty and took some unique shots throughout the film, and that’s impressive given that it’s 140 minutes running

Even if the film seemed to be dragging along (more on that later), there was always an innovative perspective for certain shots that refocused my attention

The film offers quite a bit of narration as well, but is nowhere near as consistent as the camerawork Holland narrates quite creatively at the beginning of the film and even breaks the fourth wall a couple of times to appeal to the audience

Then he goes to Iraq and there is practically no narrative, it comes back a little when he returns to civilian life, and then disappears again towards the end of the film.The narrative doesn’t add much other than a giggle or two at the beginning and I think that ultimately it is nothing more than a confusing element of “Cherry” “

A Narrative I Like “Blade Runner” is a good example of this. I liked Harrison Ford’s narrative in this movie (and in “The Call of the Wild”)

But Holland’s voice is not good for narration. There’s nothing wrong with that. But if you want to narrate, you have to have a unique voice for it

Before the movie started, I joked about the irony that Spider-Man was charged with bank robbery in “Spider-Man 3,” only to now actually commit the crime in that movie, but Holland lets you know right at the start of this movie that he’s a completely different person There is no quirky innocence in “Cherry” He’s not a hero

What Holland is is a fantastic actor His American accent is great And he’s so damn expressive During “Cherry” I felt whatever Holland was when he was heartbroken, I was heartbroken when he was scared , I was scared If he was angry, I was angry That is proof of how talented he is

He makes a cute couple with his romantic counterpart Emily, played by Ciara Bravo.They are adorable at the start of the film and have solid chemistry.It makes the rest of their tragic story all the more painful to see how far they go

The film essentially follows Kirsch’s journey from college student to army medic in Iraq to a deep spiral towards drugs and robbery triggered by post-traumatic stress disorder returning to civilian life

And the best part of the movie is its basic training.The drill sergeants were weird.My favorite scene in the movie is right after Cherry messes his hair up and he’s sitting in the chair looking at his reflection.Then this drill sergeant comes up behind him and yells: “Do you think you’re still pretty ?!”

I’m sure the basic education is miserable in real life, but I laughed a lot while watching Cherry do this in that movie. It was like all of the fun parts of “Major Payne” were in one 10 minute Part of the movie crammed together

But all bets are closed if Cherry goes to Iraq The Russo brothers did a great job portraying all of the horrific events and experiences that would break Holland’s character, leading to his string of horrific decisions in the second half of the film led

And while “Cherry” doesn’t shy away from intensity, it doesn’t stay in misery either – you get just enough to know how awful Kirsch’s experience really is. There’s a scene where Cherry has to help get burned corpses out of one Military vehicle to carry and it’s tough

I imagined that “Breaking Bad” would have been like this without personable characters or roller coaster heights (pun intended) in action and drama

The second half of “Cherry” is just a depressing slog that surpasses his reception. Every now and then I would appreciate a few small details, such as Holland constantly turning his wedding ring or the names of banks he is robbed are inaccurate to show that the film has an unreliable narrator

But Holland could only do so much to fuel the conspiracy. As the timer on my television neared 140 minutes, I looked more and more at the stove clock “Cherry” should have been 90 minutes

I would have cut several scenes from the later half. Did I really have to watch Cherry or Emily shoot heroin over and over again? The more I saw them get high, the less of an impact it had on me. It made the experience of their dire situation cheaper

I also found the fact that Holland was able to rob so many banks with no real plan and escape again and again unlikely. Every time I see a story about a bank being robbed in northwest Arkansas I read a different story About the suspects arrested within the next 24 to 48 hours You never last long You are not John Dillinger

For Cherry to get away with so many times, it was an insult to law enforcement expertise in that movie, A Drug Addict Who Can’t Think Clearly Shouldn’t Be Able to Rob a Bank and Get Away, let alone six or seven

Towards the end there is a scene that really highlights how much “Cherry” was starting to pull and for some reason opera music is overlaid like the movie deserves that great artistic ending In reality, I just wanted the movie to be over so I could go to bed

The little details are great and almost all of them are from Holland or the Russo brothers I loved that when Cherry couldn’t remember a person’s name, be it a military recruiter or a doctor at the VA hospital , on their label simply “Whom” was written “Sgt Wen or Dr Whoever I giggled about it

“Cherry” has what it takes to be a good movie, with Holland’s top notch performance, some really intense moments, and wonderful cinematography I just wish it was shorter

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