(Reuters) – China’s Nio Inc posted a better-than-expected loss and posted a slower delivery pace for its electric vehicles (EV) in the current quarter, sending its USListed stocks fell 7% in expanded trading

Nio, manufacturer of the electric sport utility vehicles ES8 and ES6, expects deliveries of 20 in the first quarter000 to 20500 vehicles – an increase of 15% to 18% over the fourth quarter

However, the forecast is slower than the 42% growth reported between the third and fourth quarters, in line with the seasonal slowdown in overall auto sales in China

Last April, Nio received a $ 1 billion cash injection from the Chinese government, which has also helped the company tame recalls and curb falling sales

It lags behind Tesla Inc, which dominates the EV market in China, and is also facing competition from domestic competitors like Xpeng Inc

The company shipped on January 7th225 vehicles and last month 5578 units as China’s manufacturing activity grew at the slowest pace in nine months due to weak overseas demand and the coronavirus flare-up

“We want to be more conservative for the first half of this year,” said William Li, CEO of Nio, in an analyst meeting, citing the limitations of battery suppliers and a global semiconductor shortage that has plagued most automakers

“We’re pretty confident about demand for the second half of this year, but we don’t have full visibility yet,” he said

Li also said the company could launch a mass-market car without offering details. Nio launched its first sedan model, the ET7, in January

Nio shares rose more than ten-fold over the past year, with market cap beating Detroit automakers Ford and General Motors as China led the global auto industry’s recovery from the pandemic, with the stock’s close on Monday Year but only increased by 2%

A net loss of 1 49 billion yuan ($ 230 million) was reported in the fourth quarter, compared to the average analyst estimate for a loss of 757 million yuan on refinitive data

(Reporting by Ankit Ajmera and Akanksha Rana in Bengaluru, Yilei Sun in Beijing; Editing by Amy Caren Daniel, UttareshV and Lincoln Fest)

A January outbreak in the 60s failed about two weeks ago and dropped NIO into an interim correction

Those who track the stocks of electric vehicles in the market, or simply keep an eye on billionaire Elon Musk’s businesses, likely remember when Tesla shares started rising in August 2020 before a

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With the business potentially at an important milestone, we thought we’d take a closer look at Lumen Technologies

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In 2014, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) demonstrated battery swapping, a process where a Tesla driver could pull in with a dead battery and remove the battery and replace it with a fully charged unit in less time, to fill a tank with gas, however, this was the last time the company demonstrated and the idea was scrapped.Rival Nio Inc – ADR (NASDAQ: NIO) is currently offering owners in China the option to swap batteries as reported by Electrek According to data provider Tianyancha, Tesla China’s corporate registry recently added “selling battery swap equipment for new energy vehicles,” wrote CnEVPost. Tesla was quick to deny those rumors, while the company doesn’t believe that Replacing batteries is a viable solution to increasing the utility of electric vehicles, according to the Nac Shine, a Tesla official, believes that charging electric vehicles is the best way to power his vehicles, and swapping batteries has problems with the gasoline-gas attitude: while it may be faster, swapping batteries seems more Taking Risks Than Just Plugging In If a person drives to a station with no batteries charged, the same problem arises while waiting for a charge. Battery degradation is another problem as customers may not want a battery that may be from A previous user was abused or mistreated and with the small likelihood of a problem occurring during the exchange, the cost and inconvenience could be massive Click here to read the latest electric vehicle news at Benzinga’s EV Hub Photo courtesy of Tesla More information from BenzingaK Click here for option deals from BenzingaVideo: Tesla Semi Spotted In The Wild, Silent The Tesla Model 3 can retain resale value better than any other vehicle © 2021 Benzingacom Benzinga does not offer investment advice All rights reserved

China’s annual parliamentary session will set a course for economic recovery and propose a five-year plan to avert stagnation as strategic rivalry with the United States drives a shift towards reliance on consumption and indigenous technology Publish five-year plan, a draft for 2021-2025 that will accelerate reforms to unleash new growth drivers and make the economy more innovative China could also carry out electoral reforms in Hong Kong, where Beijing, after months of unrest in 2019 since the introduction of national security laws in last year increased its influence

What happened? Chinese electric vehicle NIO (NYSE: NIO) stocks rose Monday after reports that the CEO confirmed plans to enter the European market later this year from 10:15 a.m.

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I see this as an excellent long-term opportunity and believe that we will consider today’s prices as a gift

Europe is buying electric vehicles at record speed, overtaking China as the world’s largest electric vehicle market, but some fear the trend will be short-lived

Penny stocks to buy with price targets of up to 168% according to analyst Maxim Group & HC. Wainwright After the extreme volatility in the stock markets last week (Sept.022021 – 26022021) is blood in the water, which has left investors’ & traders on an uncertain footing. Nearly every market sector pulled back as interest rates, economic growth, incentives and, of course, coronavirus cases were in the public spotlight on Monday Jan. March 2021, the market opened strongly and stayed true to the wild volatility for which it has become known.March 2021 begins providing clarity for traders & investors on key & topics on Saturday March 27th02In 2021, the FDA granted emergency approval for Johnson’s third Covid-19 vaccine & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) This single vaccine has been marketed in the United States and offers the public a new and third choice for a Covid-19 vaccine.In addition, over the weekend the House passed President Biden’s Covid-19 Aid Package, which is now being voted on in the Senate Seems to be responding positively to these events. Many Wall Street Bulls have supported the continued growth of the market. 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General Motors is Stock Of The Day as it unveils an ambitious line of electric vehicles, even if a chip shortage slows production. GM stock soared, triggering buy signals

Gold markets initially tried to rebound on Monday and broke above the USD 1750 level during Asian trading, however, we have since returned all gains

Asian stocks fell and European stock futures fell on Tuesday as a senior Chinese official voiced concerns about the risk of asset bubbles in overseas markets and a recent bond market sell-off still weighed on investor sentiment on MSCI’s broadest index for stocks Asia Pacific outside Japan slipped 33%, giving up early gains Japan’s Nikkei lost 085% as some investors posted gains on defensive energy and utility stocks before the end of fiscal this month

Gold prices fell on Tuesday as the stronger dollar, rising U to their lowest level in 8 1/2 months Government bond yields have undermined investor appetite for the non-profitable metal.Spot gold fell 07% at 1$ 71113 per ounce by 0310 GMT after breaking 1$ 708, its lowest since Jan. June 60 fell earlier in the session The potential for higher returns is putting gold under pressure, while a stronger dollar also contributed to its decline, said Michael McCarthy, chief market strategist at CMC Markets, adding that a slight decline in the 10-year period -Returns are “too low to be counted”

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(Bloomberg) – South Korean e-commerce giant Coupang Inc Tries to raise up to $ 3.6 billion from an IPO in New York that will be considered one of the largest Asian listings in the USSeoul-based Coupang and some existing shareholders are offering 120 million shares at $ 27-30 each, according to a report filed Monday at the high end of the range, Coupang will be worth up to $ 51 billion based on the Founded in 2010 by Chief Executive Officer Bom Kim, Coupang has grown faster than the e-commerce market in the face of fierce competition from retail conglomerates and startups.In addition, the company has aggressively expanded its delivery and logistics business, and a successful IPO would be another Windfall for SoftBank Group Corp The Japanese conglomerate invested $ 1 billion in Coupang in 2015, and its Vision Fund invested an additional $ 2 billion in 2018, increasing its valuation to around $ 9 billion, according to the SoftBank Vision Fund, upon filing on Monday own around 37% of the company’s Class A shares, the listing would be the fourth largest any Asian company has ever listed in a US Exchange and the largest since Alibaba Group Holding LtdAccording to Bloomberg’s stock market data, $ 25 billion went public in 2014. It also comes into what is expected to be a record year for Korean listings, Coupang is offering 100 million new Class A shares in the IPO, and 20 million shares will be held by existing investors Every Class A share has one vote while the Class B shares held by the Coupang founder have 29 votes Kim will hold approximately 767% of the voting rights in Coupang after graduation Kim, a Harvard University dropout, has been considering for years IPO but has so far held back so he can focus on growing the business Coupang, known as “Korea’s Amazon,” has invested in new business models, including grocery delivery and streaming services BlackRock Inc and Greenoaks Capital are also among investors in Coupang, which plans to list on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CPNGGoldman Sachs Group Inc, Allen & Co, JPMorgan Chase & Co, Citigroup Inc, HSBC Holdings Plc, Deutsche Bank AG, UBS Group AG, Mizuho Financial Group Inc and CLSA are working on the Bank of America Corp. offeringwho was listed as one of the underwriters on a registration document for February did not appear in filing on MondayFor more articles like this, please visit us on BloombergcomSubscribe Now to stay ahead of the game with the most trusted business news source © 2021 Bloomberg LP.


World News – CA – China’s Nio posted a higher than expected loss and slowed electric vehicle sales growth in the first quarter

Source: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/chinas-nio-sees-first-quarter-221141223.html