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Chrissy Teigen appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Monday and spoke openly about the “unimaginable” loss of her son Jack in her second trimester of pregnancy last September. Teigen spoke about the deep pain it was experiencing, Jack, her third child with husband John Legend lose while sharing the sweet way kids Luna and Miles remembered their brother. She reflected on the “transformative” effects of loss, according to People, and told DeGeneres that her grief “really saved” her by leading them to therapy and sobriety

When DeGeneres described Teigen as “super brave” for sharing photos from the hospital after she and Legend lost their son, Teigen replied, “If you look at these pictures now, it seems like that long ago And of course everything was so blurry too “She added,” Even if I think back to it now, I’m still in therapy and I can still handle it “

“I have maternity clothes and there are things I bought for my eighth and ninth months,” said Teigen. “So it’s just hard because he would have been born this week, so you look at these things and you have these constant reminders “

Noting that she “grew up in a household that was very open to loss,” Teigen added, “It was a really transformative thing for me and, in some ways, really saved me because I don’t believe that i would do it”I discovered therapy and then sobriety and this way of feeling good and feeling like a new person”

“It was so nice to see my kids the way they talk about him,” she continued. “We’re going to the beach or something and they’ll say, ‘Is Baby Jack with us right now? Do you think is he up in the clouds? ‘ It’s just so beautiful and so cute “

“You can’t imagine this happening to you I think that was the crazy part for me. I said,” I hear these stories about other people, this doesn’t happen to me “If it does, you just are shocked, “shared Teigen,” And then you think of all the people who go through it in silence and you get really sad for them “

“You really gain this incredible amount of empathy,” she said, “And I really kind of feel like I’m a better person now. And I just have the best support system ever”

Chrissy Teigen

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