It’s not like we didn’t think this could happen Sequels are often cynical and empty, money stealing and red But the look in Eddie Murphy’s eyes in Coming 2 America – a distant, evacuated look – is still breathtaking to look at

Those same eyes flickered and then suddenly lit up in Murphy’s underrated 2019 film Dolemite Is My Name, also directed by Coming 2 America director Craig Brewer, who casts Dolemite Murphy as the crafty actor and aspiring director, one old dog who risks everything for his final shot at stardom in the Coming to America episode, however, he’s an aging king who happily rests on his laurels and graciously takes a backseat in the resulting film is an equally smug effort that comes with adorned with confusing ornaments – mediocre hip-hop music numbers, anti-climactic action scenes, clichéd class comments, and a dash of girl boss feminism, Black Girls Rock Edition

Coming 2 America posits that King Akeem of Zamunda (Murphy), who is now the father of three highly skilled daughters – including KiKi Layne as his eldest and most formidable Princess Meeka – may have fathered a bastard son whose heir could be the Zamundan Throne Don’t Worry: Our King Isn’t a Deceiver He was simply taken advantage of by a boisterous, dark-skinned working-class black woman named Mary Junson (Leslie Jones) right before he met his fair-skinned, bourgeois wife Lisa (Shari Headley) in Queens If You imagining that Coming 2 America could thoughtfully address the colorists’ casting decisions made many years ago, you may have to wait for Coming to Am3rica Jones is funny as hell as ever; She makes up a large part of a painfully signed part that depends on the underlying idea that because of her background, character, and appearance, she shouldn’t be let through the pearl gates of a fictional African empire

Yet even if you generously accept its creative laziness, Coming 2 America is terrified in its utter incompetence.While the original wholeheartedly indulged its own absurdities, juxtaposing an assembled African community with a more intimate African American, the follow-up uses the half-hearted one Internet-era discourse as a substitute for meaningful or even entertaining cultural commentary.In the typical gags, both Murphy and Arsenio Hall play multiple characters who are desperate to add a whimsy to the film Jermaine Fowles, Murphy’s illegitimate son from Queens, Lavelle Junson, plays, tries to find the right tone between a dramatic search and a humorous detour. And who can blame him? In one moment he is fighting against nepotism sons during job interviews in big cities The next time he fights a lion in his long-lost father’s savannah, the script makes no effort to meaningfully link these experiences apart from a few boring conversations between Lavelle and his royal Zamundan barber (Nomzamo Mbatha)

In addition to Coming to America writer Barry W Blaustein and David Sheffield, Black-ish’s Kenya Barris, wrote the confusing script for Coming 2 America.It comes out a bit of a noninventive television, the memorable after-school conversations of Barris’ shows mixed in with some Black Twitter-inspired digs Perhaps what made the original film work was how much room a straightforward plot left for moments of real inspiration.The set pieces were simple, and the premise even more fundamental: an African king needs to find a wife, so he goes to Queens for the hilarious details , from McDowell’s Restaurant to the extreme indulgences of royal life in Zamunda, reflected Murphy and Hall’s sensibility as comedians and the way that Black and American culture had in turn influenced them, Coming 2 America reverses that work and continues the talent of the film on a comedic tone, instead of t to create the conditions under which the comedy can develop organically

The result is an exhaustively uncomfortable film that tries to save itself through a series of rigorous self-criticism Layne spends the entire film on the sidelines as Princess Meeka, apparently should she be queen, speak benevolently about Zamundans and introduce liberal reforms, the women in the country benefit – not their half-brother from Queens! This stale, predictable girlboss narrative is a particularly depressing way of underutilizing Layne’s talents, which were framed frame by frame in Barry Jenkins If Beale Street Could Talk. Anything asked is perfect, if a little outrageously as Princess Meeka sulks about the country’s sexist laws for interfering with her ability to be held on a pedestal by more than just her own family

In the end, Coming 2 America is a purely commercial proposition, and not even one to happily turn your brain off for, the musical numbers are similar to those that land on the bottom of a Lil ‘Bow Wow album Teyana Taylor’s seductive dance number has been reworked beyond comprehension. The only place of scenic redemption was Ruth E.who have favourited Black Panther Carter’s dresses costume designer – beautiful dresses indeed

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Coming 2 America

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