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Controversial Christian preacher Brother Eliseo Soriano died at the age of 73, according to his church on Friday the 12th Announced February, before daybreak

After fleeing the Philippines around 17 years ago, he moved to Brazil in the face of controversy and in 2014 led the Supreme Court (SC) to decide that “his flight to a foreign country manifests his intention to flee” in one Rape Case The Supervisory Committee upheld a guilty verdict in one of its libel cases in 2018

“With deep sadness and yet full faith in the Almighty, we announce the death of our beloved and only brother Eliseo ‘Eli’ Soriano – a faithful preacher, brother, father and grandfather for many Announced his television show Ang Dating Daan in a statement posted on Facebook after 3 a.m. on Friday

“Up to the last moments of his life, Brother Eli was able to fulfill his vow to the Almighty, which is manifested in his love for service to the brothers,” the statement added,

Soriano was the leader of the Christian group Members Church of God International and known as the presenter of the longtime television program Ang Dating Daan or “The Old Path”

In this program, the persistent preacher explained the Bible and tried to expose the beliefs of other religions

His lively, unconstrained style piqued curiosity and sparked backlash from other religious groups – including the Catholic Church, which includes 8 out of 10 Filipinos, and the Iglesia ni Cristo (Church of Christ), a politically influential church reportedly endorsing candidates Elections to obtain political favors

Soriano became so popular that Bubble Gang, a long-running comedy show on broadcast giant GMA-7, forged its show from the late 1990s as “Ang Dating Doon” with a preacher named “Brod Pete” and his signature on the remark ” Alien! ”

Soriano was born on 4 Born April 1947 and started his ministry in Pampanga On the 30th He registered his religious group on March 23rd, 1977 after breaking away from another Christian church that he believed “has already gone astray”

He later started his television show Ang Dating Daan, which aired on IBC-13 in 1983. The program “switched from one channel to another” after other religious groups “betrayed and pressured” IBC-13 Cancel the show

Ang Dating Daan finally found “a new and permanent home” on TV channel UNTV, which was launched in 2004 by his deputy, former ABS-CBN and GMA-7 broadcaster Daniel Razon

Soriano fled the Philippines in the mid-2000s, around the same time he was exposed to a series of controversies, including rape and defamation cases

According to his official profile, “religious persecution” forced Soriano to leave the Philippines in 2004. “Currently, Brother Eli has settled in Brazil, where his global evangelization efforts are in full swing”

Based on the SC’s records, Soriano was born on Jan. Charged on January 31, 1999 for defamation for making defamatory statements against another Christian group, the Jesus Miracle Crusade International Ministry, led by popular preacher Wilde Almeda, on Jan. July 1998 had given

Soriano pleaded not guilty on either of the charges, but an Iriga court found him on Aug. June 2012 guilty of two defamations The Court of Appeal (CA) later upheld the decision of the regional court

The monitoring committee confirmed in a judgment of 21 The SC said that Soriano’s statements in the second case are intended to “degrade and insult Almeda,” while the other case “does not relate to any particular person or person a particular pastor refers ”

Nonetheless, the Supervisory Committee said: “The petitioner’s claim that his statements are absolutely protected by the Constitution because they express religious beliefs deserves no consideration: “Simple and simple insults directed against another person cannot be elevated to the status of religious language. Even the petitioner’s attempt to put his words into context shows that he is full of anger and the need to seek retaliation , was moved, not by religious conviction ‘”

Regardless, Soriano has faced a rape case by his former church member Daniel Veridiano, for which a court ordered his arrest in May 2006, according to GMA News, the Filipino star reported that Soriano was on bail of 240 in 2008000 P2 (4th990 USD)

In 2009, a Pampanga court ordered that Soriano’s bills be terminated and forfeited, prompting the preacher to run to the CA. The CA, in turn, rejected Soriano’s request, who then appealed to the SC

On 1 In October 2014, the Supervisory Committee rejected Soriano’s petition “because the petitioner did not show a reversible error in the contested CA decision”

“In addition, Soriano has lost his standing in court. Records show that at his trial on Jan. June 2009 was absent because he was already out of the country Left December 2005 and has not returned since, “the court said

“His flight to a foreign country shows his intention to escape the jurisdiction of the courts and not to be bound by their lawful process,” ruled the Supervisory Committee

On his official Twitter account, Soriano said in May 2015 that the rape case had already been dismissed, but a “higher power” intervened and “that shouldn’t be” – Rapplercom

Paterno R Esmaquel II, Rappler News Editor, specializes in Religion and Foreign Policy.He received his MA in Journalism from Ateneo and later completed an MSc in Asian Studies (Religions in Multiple Societies) from RSIS in Singapore for any ideas or feedback on stories, send him to him an email to patesmaquel @ rapplercom

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