Experts are increasingly concerned about the spread of communicable coronavirus variants in BC. and a consistent rise in serious COVID-19 cases that they fear could overwhelm hospitals across the province

Doctors say they see younger patients with the disease, ages 20 to 50, in need of critical care, as opposed to predominantly elderly people who became critically ill in the first year of the pandemic

“We know a lot of this is the variant (s) and it appears that it is a more transmissible burden, and it also appears that people with some of these variants are getting sick,” said Dr Gerald Da Roza, Chief Medical Officer at the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, BC.

Da Roza says Intensive Care Unit (ICU) admissions have increased in recent weeks at the hospital, where he reported that patients have moved to other departments

The affected variants in BC. are B117, first recognized in the UKand P1, linked to Brazil. Cases of both have so far been concentrated in the Fraser Health and Vancouver Coastal Health, B regions Health Minister Adrian Dix said Monday

Dix said 60 of the current 320 coronavirus cases in BC. Hospitals are linked with worrying varieties He also acknowledged that pressure is being put on intensive care units, particularly at the Royal Columbian and Lions Gate Hospitals in north Vancouver

BC. is now identified by epidemiologists around the world as a notable hotspot for the P1 variant, which has spread uncontrollably in Brazil, where COVID-19 exceeds 300Killed 000 people

DrEric Feigl-Ding, a Washington, DC.The epidemiologist and health economist says the spread of mutations in B is accelerating in the community of C. is “worrying”

He said the P1 variant is more than twice as transmissible as the original coronavirus Initial data suggest that it causes higher death rates and affects younger people more than the original strain

Feigl-Ding, a senior employee of the Federation of American Scientists, raised the alarm a few weeks ago when he compared B. to Florida, where the number of variants is also increasing

Health Canada reported 379 cases with the affected P1 variant in BC. on 1 April from 84 on 22 March

On Monday, the German government’s COVID-19 database reported 3559 cases of worrying variants in BC. Of these, 2 were771 B117, 737 P1 and 51 B1351

The fact that many Vancouver Canucks players are affected – despite strict NHL safety protocols, testing, and the use of personal protective equipment – should serve as an alarm bell, Feigl-Ding


“I think that woke people up because people think young people are healthy, especially if you are an athlete, you train well, you shouldn’t have any problems, “he said

As of Monday night, a total of 17 Canucks players – most of the team’s active roster – had been officially kept off the ice according to the league’s COVID protocols, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all 17 tested positive for the coronavirus

Multiple sources say an unnamed player from the team’s reserve “Taxi Squad” is under quarantine and three members of the coaching staff have tested positive

While health officials and the NHL have refused to confirm the team outbreak is one of the coronavirus variants, hockey insiders have suspected media outlets like The Sports Network and The Province

Take in this – the wealthy NHL sports franchise @ Canucks :

– Had > 50% of his team # COVID19 sick

– Many decimated “very sick”

– Despite strict workplace protocols

– Despite the large PPE budget

– Despite daily tests

<Das # P1 variant is just the thing https: // tco / Ohve0bQqft ImageTwittercom / LzFkiRRYKp

Da Roza said it was now a race to get people vaccinated to offset the increased infections he is seeing in younger British Columbians

BC. launches its vaccine largely based on age, starting with the oldest As of Tuesday, all residents born in 1950 or earlier are entitled to their first shot

Da Roza urges people to be vigilant so that the variants no longer trigger the pandemic

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Get vaccinated BC

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