Last February, then President Donald Trump showed an American flag at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) when he gave himself an “A-plus-plus-plus” rating for his handling of the coronavirus -Pandemic (“Everything is under control”) At the 2020 conference there was also a joke disguised as Trump that interrupted then Vice President Mike Pence. It turned out that this joke was Sacha Baron Cohen, who was a bit for his then secret sequel “Borat” turned

We just learned that someone we invited to CPAC has expressed objectionable views that have no home with our conference or organization The person will not be attending our conference

The person was not named in the tweet, but earlier in the day, CPAC canceled a spokesman named Young Pharaoh for his habit of making anti-Semitic allegations These comments were uncovered by the progressive surveillance group Media Matters, the young pharaoh has called Judaism a “complete lie”, used the phrase “stealing fake Jews” and posted on Twitter that “all censorship of & pedophilia on social media by Israeli Jews exercised ”

Other speakers scheduled to appear at this year’s conference include a return visit from Trump, who lied about the 2020 elections and then instigated a violent uprising against the US Government; Wayne Dupree, who claimed the Sandy Hook School massacre was a “joke” committed by “crisis actors” and other lies; and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), who was accused of covering up a sexually abusive doctor as a wrestling coach at Ohio State University, among other things
In other words, many believed that “the person” who “expressed objectionable views” could be just about anyone on the guest list. Twitter critics had a big day canceling the America Uncanceled event and the mocking attempt to guess “the individual”:

Dear @CPAC: Are you referring to the objectionable view that the election was stolen? Or 11Find 780 votes? Or stand by a white nationalist group? So many to choose from https: // tco / 3YfTXgv0aY

it’s CPAC so I’m assuming someone accidentally said kids shouldn’t starve to death or something like that https: // tco / YOEvCK2Pyb

If “expressing objectionable views” is the standard, you can also show cartoons for three days as no one is qualified to enter

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World News – CA – CPAC ridiculed for canceling “objectionable” guests from the anti-cancel cultural event