Doctor Who’s vacation special said goodbye to the thirteenth Doctor’s companions, Ryan and Graham Here’s why the characters (and actors) are moving on

As Doctor Who fans know, companions come and go over time, but every time someone leaves, it’s always a sad occasion, ahead of the Doctor Who 2021 Christmas Special “Revolution of the Daleks” confirmed Star Jodie Whittaker said this would be the final story for widower Graham O’Brien (Bradley Walsh) and step-son Ryan Sinclair (Tosin Cole) While the reasons for their departure may seem intertwined to some, their reasoning follows a long tradition among former companions

There is always a “real” reason characters are written off the show, and those reasons are clear – both Walsh and Cole are involved in other TV productions. Walsh has a constant presence on British television and has game shows, talk shows And he’s currently starring in a new production based on The Darling Buds of May.He also hosts two ongoing game shows, The Chase and Cash Trapped.There is also an occasional travel series with his son Barney, subtitled Breaking Dad In short, he’s in demand

Cole, who appeared as Lieutenant Bastian in Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 2015, will appear in a new TV series called 61st Street in Chicago in 2021. He will also appear in films such as Pirates, The Souvenir: Part II and Ear For Eye to be seen Since the shooting for the 13 Season of Doctor Who were already in full swing, there was no way for Walsh and Cole to stay on the show and continue their non-Who careers.Both learned a lot about their time with Doctor Who and the camaraderie with Whittaker and Mandip Gill ( Yaz) spoken Despite the long gaps between seasons, Doctor Who is a very demanding show to film. Speaking to Hello Magazine, Walsh described the demanding pace of production: “This is ten months of pounding speed. That’s it. I’m in my 60s Year It’s difficult It’s hard It’s relentless Is it really It’s not an easy gig “

In “Revolution of the Daleks” we meet the well-known “fam” after the Doctor disappears (arrested and imprisoned by the Judoon at the end of the previous episode “The Timeless Children”) “Unknown to the Doctor, she becomes missed in the lives of her companions for 10 months (the real gap between the two episodes, amusingly), with no explanation

For Ryan, this was a time of re-evaluating and introspecting his life. The character was always at odds about the time he missed in his friends’ lives (as seen in other episodes) and in “Revolution of the Daleks “he lets the doctor know in the quiet moments that he feels that his purpose in life has been worked out and that it is to watch over his” home “- the planet earth

Graham first makes it clear that he wants to continue going on adventures with the doctor, but ultimately chooses the latter, given the choice between his own desire to see more of the universe and a bigger role in Ryan’s life than his Grandfather Has At The End Of The Special, Graham and Ryan are planning their own new adventures on Earth, investigating unusual reports of potential aliens

This follows in the footsteps of the Doctor’s previous companions, notably Sarah Jane Smith (as seen in her spin-off series) who became an investigator on paranormal incidents, as well as Jo Grant (another of the Third Doctor’s companions) devoted her life to saving Earth after TARDIS For environmental reasons, Ace, a companion of the Seventh Doctor, started a global organization called A Charitable Earth, while Martha Jones and Mickey Smith appear to have become married alien hunters (as briefly seen in “The End of Time, Part II”) for nothing to tell of the exploits of Captain Jack Harkness

As Yaz’s story with the Doctor continues, Ryan and Graham seem to have understood that their fate lies elsewhere.For series 13, a new companion named Dan (played by John Bishop) will join Yaz and the Doctor

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