It was only two years ago that the Anaheim Ducks signed Adam Henrique for five years with a $ 29 million contract extension

On the surface, there’s a lot of this movement that seems breathtaking, especially the first two points mentioned above

But it’s also a pretty good sign that the Ducks aren’t happy with the outcome of their investment. Henrique has only three goals and one assist in 16 games this season, and while waivers appear like a small overreaction of sample size there are there may be a deeper cause for concern

The Ducks’ cap position is not good for a team that has been so low in the rankings in recent years, and Henrique’s contract is a major contributor to this cap crisis

He’s also 31 years old and has three full seasons left at $ 5 million a year to go when the Ducks feel like his production is already in decline (and it could be!) and will only continue to decline (which it likely will) it makes sense that they try to get away with it as soon as possible.In this regard, it is unlikely that another team will make a claim to take over the entire remaining contract

If nothing else, it signals every other team in the league that they might be available for a trade that involves withheld salary or some other undesirable contract going the other way.

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Adam Henrique

World News – CA – Ducks put Adam Henrique on waivers just two years after signing a major contract