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Encrypted messaging app Signal sees a surge in new users after Tesla CEO Elon Musk told his Twitter followers to use the service

Thursday’s spate of signups caused Signal to delay sending out the verification codes required to activate new user accounts. Even so, the nonprofit behind the app said it was thrilled with the increase in activity

Hours ago, Musk tweeted “Use Signal” to his followers to prevent people from using WhatsApp, a competing messaging app from Facebook

The tweet came after WhatsApp announced a new privacy policy detailing how user data can be shared with Facebook’s procedure is nothing new, but the policy update made headlines over concerns that users are barely using their WhatsApp data Disconnect from Facebook – a company with an infamous record on digital privacy

Musk got involved early Thursday morning by posting a meme in which Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg brazenly lied to a child about the data his company can collect

It’s certainly easy to beat up Facebook in practice, however, the new WhatsApp privacy policy doesn’t mean any change for users when it comes to chatting with friends or family members.Instead, the update is mostly about the data that businesses use WhatsApp -Chats with users can save and collect

If you decided back in 2016 to prevent WhatsApp from sharing data with Facebook during a one-time option, the company will continue to honor your choice

Why does Musk tell people to try Signal? It is true that both WhatsApp and Signal provide free end-to-end encrypted messages, meaning that not even the provider like Facebook can read the content of your messages – only the sender and recipient of the messages


Facebook is a company that focuses on gathering people’s data primarily for ad targeting purposes, whereas Signal is operated by a nonprofit foundation and has gone so far as to refuse venture capital funding to prevent financial gain The app was also recommended by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

As for Musk, he’s not a fan of Facebook and previously said the social network “sucks,” he shot again on Facebook on Wednesday amid mob violence in the US Capitol

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