Elvis Presley loved entertaining guests at Graceland, he knew how to throw a party, and daughter Lisa Marie Presley has since said that life at Graceland was basically a non-stop party with very few Presley was known for thrill seekers and the occasional prank – but apparently such a prank resulted in Presley essentially gassing his guests in the basement

Expect Lisa Marie Presley to do no good as a little kid, but apparently Elvis Presley was right there with her and made a mess

According to Lisa Marie Presley, Elvis would wake her up in the middle of the night for exhilarating golf cart rides around Graceland, and apparently both were prone to crashes

“I could behead a golf cart, I could take the hood off by running under a tree, I could drive through a fence and it would be fixed within three days. If it wasn’t me and the golf cart through a tree, through drove through the woods or through a fence, it was my father, ”explained Lisa Marie Presley

“He and I spent a lot of time together upstairs This part of Graceland is basically his room and my room. He had a little chair in my room and on the TV and was out and about a lot, “she added,

The Graceland lifestyle was apparently as chaotic as Elvis Presley’s personal life.His daughter says there was essentially no schedule or rules, and that she could rule the house as a little tyrant if she so chose

“There was no schedule, no time at Graceland, no rules, it was almost like being in this fun house, no matter what you did, no matter what you destroyed, no matter what you threw, what broke would go on miraculously replaced within 24 hours, “she said

“Especially down here this was just the chaos room Pool balls would fly I got into trouble instinctively down here, played hide and seek and came up with nothing good”

Lisa Marie Presley says her father would get just as mischievous as her if he were in the basement

“The basement has always been a room for some kind of chaos. I would transform if I went down the stairs and I don’t know why, just throw things down there and get in trouble. He would do similar things down there. He would be mischievous “she said

Elvis Presley once got a little too vicious and prank some guests in his basement quite intensely

“He threw a tear gas bomb or laughing gas, as I later found out, when everyone was down here. There were exits for people to get out …” she recalled,

Lisa Marie Presley

World News – CA – Elvis Presley once gassed his visitors in the Graceland basement

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