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The federal government announced that it will extend the Canada Restoration Benefit Eligibility Period for an additional 12 weeks as some recipients face a lockup period until the end of March

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also said Friday that Ottawa would extend the Canada Recovery Caregiving Benefit (CRCB) by the same amount

“This crisis is not over yet and we do not support everyone,” he said during a press conference

While the CRB and CRCB should be in effect by the fall, beneficiaries will be able to benefit from between Jan. September 2020 and 25 Only avail of September 2021 for a total of 26 weeks. If a person had used the program since it started, their assistance would be discontinued by the end of March

The government will also extend the Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) from two weeks to a total of four weeks, and the labor insurance eligibility period from 26 weeks to 50 weeks

Labor Secretary Carla Qualtrough told reporters Friday that extending the programs would cost the government approximately $ 12 billion – $ 6 billion to extend recovery benefits and $ 5 billion for changes in labor insurance

She stated that the announcement of the labor insurance depends on the passing of new laws and thus on the support of the opposition parties

“When we have worked together in the past, we have provided critical support to help millions of workers Canadians expect the same from all parties again,” said Qualtrough

She also called on the provinces to “do their part” to support the workers as Canadians weather the second wave

“Provinces still play a leading role in helping workers not to redouble our efforts but to compliment them, you know we have good examples in BC. and Yukon and I would just urge the provinces to stand up for the workers and do their part, as some of their colleagues have done “

The Canadian Labor Congress (CLC), which has raised the alarm about an imminent expiration date for government support, welcomes the news

“This will be very good news for the millions of Canadians who still don’t have a job to return to and who are increasingly concerned about how they would pay their bills when their services end next month,” said CLC President Hassan Yussuff in a press release

The CRB is an iteration of the Canada Emergency Response Benefit that went down in the fall It offers 1$ 000 per two-week period and applies to those who have lost their jobs due to COVID-19 or seen a 50 percent decrease in average weekly income from the previous year

The CRCB is providing $ 500 per week to families caring for family members – elders or children under the age of 12 – due to COVID-19, and therefore cannot work at least 50 percent of their scheduled hours

The CRSB is another $ 500 per week support designed to help those who are unable to work 50 percent of their work week because of self-isolating or exposure to the virus due to the COVID-19 infection

As of Feb In 14, the number of Canadians who applied for the three services above is as follows:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listens to questions about 19, 2021 THE CANADIAN PRESS / Adrian Wyld

during a press conference in Ottawa on Friday, February 19

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Canada Recovery Benefit

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