Foam, rinse, repeat No longer just the instructions on the back of your 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner

Apparently that’s the case with the Calgary Flames as well.If it looks like the #CofRed are a -130 favorite every night, that’s because they’ve been on the street as well as at home Flames in five consecutive games at or around -130 favorites. You stand 3-2 in these games so they may be correctly rated in the market as that is beneficial for less than half a win if you are on their money line in each game put

We can add more data points for this price situation if the Flames ride the Canucks to Vancouver for the first of four consecutive races, the first three of which are on the edge of False Creek and therefore have a price similar to Wednesday

The Flames took revenge on the Winnipeg Jets on Tuesday night, with a dominant, steady effort that brought 12 High-Danger Chances (HDCs) down to just one for the Jets. Since hockey is hockey it obviously took one late power play goal to get the win

They’ll win after playing similarly well against the Jets in Winnipeg, only to lose two out of three despite posting an accumulated Expected Goals For of 685 to the Jets’ 399

The Flames season history has been one incredibly close game at a time, no matter how much they outperform opponents 5v5 and in some cases how much they should be given the consistently tight moneyline prizes in their games not to be too surprising, but the fact that they are more often the better team with even strength gives my “Let’s Do That Hockey” model (as heard on THE) credibility WINDOWS: Sports betting podcast) with 9% above-average flames

The Flames met the Canucks in Calgary earlier this season and played both games at the Saddledome Since then, the Canucks have been almost all downhill

Yes, I know those games were the third and fourth games of the year for Vancouver, but that same season it was for them. With the exception of three wins against the Ottawa Senators in the basement, the Canucks had up to their last game, a loss to Toronto on Monday, no more than 50% of the expected goals in a game

The Canucks disappointment this season is strictly defensive, the score sheet for the expected goal is large number at a time as they averaged over 2.08 xGA For comparison, the Senators averaged 194 xGA and they have all season won over two games

After the Canucks went 0v5 in the overall standings in their games in the east with 0 points, they can take comfort that those games against Montreal and Toronto against two of the top three teams in the division were mine ratings

Where the consolation for Vancouver is fleeting, it is known they will now face the other of the division’s top three teams for four games in a row There is no rest for the weary

While we will try to possibly support Vancouver if the Flames give substitute goalkeeper David Rittich a twist, it likely won’t on Thursday with former Canuck Jacob Markstrom in goal for Calgary, -130 is a fair value here and I jumped on this number with the Flames Again

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Flames vs Canucks

World News – CA – Flames vs Canucks: Back to Calgary at the familiar price